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CM Punk Responds To Arrest Rumors

On social media this past Sunday night, mostly Twitter, there were some rumors being spread around that claimed former WWE Superstar CM Punk had been arrested. We have no idea where they began and never reported it here.
The rumors got out of control enough to the point that Punk actually commented on them. When a fan on Twitter asked Punk why people were saying he got arrested, Punk jokingly replied with the following:
@thatnigga_juju: @CMPunk why everyone saying u was arrested ?” Because I totally got arrested.


Vince McMahon and Triple H Disagreeing Lately

Vince McMahon and Triple H have reportedly been disagreeing a lot lately over who Brock Lesnar will fight at WrestleMania 31. Triple H wants Lesnar to face Roman Reigns while McMahon wants Lesnar to face The Rock if he’s available.
Sources claim that Vince has a tendency to undercut Triple H and make him look bad. This could be just a “good cop/bad cop” mentality where Triple H plays the “good cop” to the talent.
Despite the disagreements, there are no hard feelings between them.


Fan who attacked Orton states why he did it out of Johannesburg, South Africa, has picked up on the story of a fan attacking Randy Orton during the Cape Town live event, and the following is an article excerpt:

An over eager fan was met with a boot to the head from WWE wrestler Randy Orton in Cape Town yesterday after he jumped into the ring and hit Orton in the groin. 
Local wrestling fan Tshepo Sekhabi, who quit his job in Johannesburg to attend the event, left yesterday night's WWE world tour in Cape Town with a black eye and swollen face after getting kicked just under the eye by Orton.
The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is currently performing events across South Africa as part of its World Tour. 
Sekhabi (20) scaled the security barrier and easily evaded the events security guards to enter the ring where Orton was celebrating a victory against fellow wrestler Big E Langston.
Sekhabi had time to pause and size up Orton, who was standing on the rings corner ropes, before executing a shocking blow to the wrestlers groin. 
Orton fell to the canvas following the hit as security rushed in to apprehend the assailant. Security managed to haul Sekhabi out of the ring, but not before the ‘Apex Predator’ managed to cross the ring and deliver a solid kick to his attackers head. 
An equally irate Langston, real name Ettore Ewen, also had to be restrained by security from accosting Sekhabi outside of the ring.
Sekhabi was escorted to the casino’s security offices where he was issued with a five-year ban notice. 
In the offices Sekhabi, who said he doesn’t drink or take any drugs, eagerly posed for photos and willingly gave a statement to security personnel. 
Calling himself “Jozi, the wrestling machine” Sekhabi said he planned the attack before he arrived said “I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself.”

Justin Gabriel heel turn?, WWE Network update!

- Jo Jo Offerman's relationship with Justin Gabriel could lead to a Gabriel heel turn if the story line on "Total Divas" plays out with Gabriel taking advantage of Offerman's naivety.

-During today's WWE conference call, Vince McMahon noted that all options are still open for the WWE Network. Vince said that rights fees coming up could be tied into the Network.


CM Punk's relationship with Vince and Brock

Credit: CBS Chicago

CM Punk recently spoke about his relationships with Vince McMahon & Brock Lesnar. Here are the highlights…

On His Relationship With Vince McMahon: “The relationship is certainly different and that’s something that’s always evolving. My relationship with Vince today is different than it was in April. It’s something that constantly changes.”

On Brock Lesnar: “There are a lot of people back there who say me and Brock are very very similar. Unapproachable, bad attitude. A kind of cloud hanging over our heads. But to me, he’s a sweetheart. I have no bad stories about Brock, yet.”


Y2J predicts Bryan will win against Cena

A fan recently asked former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho for his thoughts on the current number one contender to the WWE Championship, Daniel Bryan, on his official Twitter page (@IAmJericho). Jericho’s response was simple, but encouraging. “Amazing,” exclaimed Jericho. “Next WWE champ.”

Daniel Bryan challenges John Cena for the WWE Championship at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view on Sunday, August 18th.

The reason RVD lost quickly to Del Rio

On Friday’s SmackDown broadcast (taped Wednesday in Corpus Christi, Texas), Rob Van Dam lost in under a minute to Alberto Del Rio after the ECW Original was distracted by the match official, leading the World Heavyweight Champion to strike him with brutal kick to the face. The reason for the match outcome was because Del Rio had broken a rib or ribs the night before in a match against Sheamus and was therefore unable to properly compete.