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CM Punk Responds To Arrest Rumors

On social media this past Sunday night, mostly Twitter, there were some rumors being spread around that claimed former WWE Superstar CM Punk had been arrested. We have no idea where they began and never reported it here.
The rumors got out of control enough to the point that Punk actually commented on them. When a fan on Twitter asked Punk why people were saying he got arrested, Punk jokingly replied with the following:
@thatnigga_juju: @CMPunk why everyone saying u was arrested ?” Because I totally got arrested.


Vince McMahon and Triple H Disagreeing Lately

Vince McMahon and Triple H have reportedly been disagreeing a lot lately over who Brock Lesnar will fight at WrestleMania 31. Triple H wants Lesnar to face Roman Reigns while McMahon wants Lesnar to face The Rock if he’s available.
Sources claim that Vince has a tendency to undercut Triple H and make him look bad. This could be just a “good cop/bad cop” mentality where Triple H plays the “good cop” to the talent.
Despite the disagreements, there are no hard feelings between them.