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Backstage update: Mick Foley to WWE?

According to several sources, Mick Foley’s comments about “thinking about” a position in WWE is a bit of a stretch. While no formal contract exists between Foley and WWE, we have been told by several different sources that Foley is slotted in for a Good Will Ambassador role for WWE.

“(WWE Chairman) Vince (McMahon) will no doubt feed Mick to someone when the time is right,” a key WWE insider told us, “but first Mick will be used for his charity work and recognition factor.”


John Cena to make WWE history!

Here are some interesting stats concerning John Cena and the WWE title. As of today, June 29th, John Cena has spent 1,028 days as WWE Champion. This includes all 9 of Cena’s reigns with the Title.

Today is significant because Cena surpasses Pedro Morales who spent 1,027 days as WWE Champion. Cena right now is in the #4 spot for most days spent as WWE Champion behind #3 Bob Backlund, #2 Hulk Hogan and #1 Bruno Sammartino(4,040 days!) This is only for the WWE Title, not the World Heavyweight Title.

If you include Cena’s 2 reigns with the World Heavyweight Title, it brings his total days as a WWE World Champion up to 1,133. If Cena can remain WWE Champion until SummerSlam on August 14th he will hit the 1,149 day mark, surpassing Triple H’s total days as a WWE World Champion. Triple H’s combined 8 WWE Title reigns and 5 World Heavyweight Title reigns come out to 1,148 days as Champion.

*Spoilers!* WWE SD! results for Friday 7/29

HHH starts off the show in the ring talking about the title situation on Raw. He is interrupted by Christian who welcomes him to SD. HHH says its a slap in the face to interrupt him & tells him at SummerSlam he’ll be defending his title against Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match.
R-Truth comes out & says he followed HHH from Raw & talks about the conspiracy against him. HHH makes a match for tonight, R-Truth vs. Orton. He tells Christian he brought someone from Raw to face him, John Morrison. They have a good match, Christian wins with his finisher.
Backstage Teddy Long is with HHH & Zack Ryder interrupts them. HHH says he’s gotta take a call but appoints Ryder as Teddy’s assistant.

Wade Barrett is in the ring talking about how he should have won MITB & gotten a WrestleMania paycheck, not Daniel Bryan. Bryan interrupts & says he’s gonna main event Mania. Barrett attacks him. Bryan is able to get the LaBell lock on him, Barrett taps & Bryan lets him go.

Backstage Mark Henry walks into Long’s office & wants a match. Long says no one wants to get in the ring w/ him after what he did to Big Show & Kane. Ryder says he’ll find him an opponent.
Tamina, Rosa & Alicia Fox def Kaitlyn, AJ & Natalya.

Video package on Justin Gabriel is shown (highlights of WWE’s recent tour of South Africa).
Mark Henry defeated local guy Bobby Howard. After the match he tries to attack him with a chair but Long comes out & stops him. He says there’s already one lawsuit pending & he’ll find him competition. Sheamus comes out & says if he wants competition he’ll fight him & slaps him. Henry goes after him but Sheamus throws him over top rope. Sheamus tries to hit him w/ chair but Henry leaves.

New Nexus defeated The Usos in a title match, so they kept the titles.

Backstage Ryder tells Long he made a match for tonight, Ezekiel Jackson vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes in a handicap match.

Backstage Striker interviews R-Truth. Truth says he’s ready for his match with Orton tonight.
Cody & DiBiase def Zeke.

Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali appear in crowd & talk Indian to the crowd so I don’t know what was said. Everyone booed.

In the main event, Truth beat Orton via DQ.

Video: Sheamus radio interview - mentions TNA

Sheamus participated in a radio interview with Mix 106.1 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday to promote that evening’s SmackDown! taping at the Wells Fargo Center. The Celtic Warrior discusses his road to WWE, during which he mentions TNA. He recalls being signed to a developmental contract years ago along with other European talent such as Rob Terry and points out that he later went to TNA. The two-time world champion also reveals his personal goals and which wrestlers gave him advice early in his career.

Video: The Miz on Lopez Tonight

Here is a video of The Miz on Lopez Tonight. The embed code has been working on and off all afternoon, so if it does not work, you can watch the video at


Where is Mike Adamle?, Triple H heel turn?, RAW GM

– Former WWE announcer Mike Adamle has been promoted to head sports anchor at the NBC affiliate in Chicago after working part-time there for years.

– As noted earlier, one of the RAW scripts called for a Triple H heel turn and having him feud with CM Punk. No word yet if that’s still the plan but a match between the two is currently on tap for WrestleMania 28.

– The RAW Anonymous General Manager’s podium was set up at this past Monday’s RAW but it was never used. Interesting.

There is also speculation that Mick Foley might become the RAW General Manager.

Major Backstage Alberto Del Rio-WWE Update

As noted yesterday, WWE overhauled the SummerSlam card on Monday after deciding that their creative plans for CM Punk at the event were “awful.” This caused Alberto Del Rio to be removed from the WWE Title picture once again.

Del Rio is still scheduled to be WWE Champion at some point in the near future. Those close to the booking situation indicate that John Cena vs. Del Rio for the belt is planned for September but that could always change.

Part of the reason WWE wanted Del Rio as WWE Champion at SummerSlam is because of the Los Angeles market and the hope that they would draw from the Latin community. There was also a long-term plan of Del Rio being champion when WWE returns to Mexico in October with the idea that the would be the first Mexican to hold a WWE Title in Mexico while they were taping TV there for the first time. Del Rio going back to Mexico as WWE Champion is seen as a way to broaden the fan base in what is currently the company’s strongest market.

Six Different RAW Scripts Changed!

As everyone knows by now, this past Monday’s RAW featured the first night that Triple H was “in charge” as well as the returns of John Morrison, Jim Ross and CM Punk.

We noted earlier here on the website that RAW was completely re-written prior to the show going live. In an update on this, there were actually SIX different scripts for RAW that had been circulating throughout the day. One of those scripts had Triple H laying out CM Punk with a pedigree. Of course, that didn’t happen. This just goes to show you how much things change on a daily basis in WWE.

As most would assume, the obvious scenario would be to really push CM Punk to the top considering his recent storyline angle and fan interest. With that being said, most of the RAW scripts were not about having CM Punk go over. They were more about pushing Triple H’s new “authority figure” role. Surprised?!

As noted, the original RAW script called for CM Punk to be attacked by Triple H with a pedigree. Alberto Del Rio would then have come out and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against John Cena at SummerSlam. This would have put Triple H over as a major heel and then led to a storyline with CM Punk.

Of course, all scripts besides one were scrapped and that’s what you saw on Monday night.

Report: WWE Keeps Punk & Ross Returns A Secret

WWE officials went to great lengths to keep the arrivals of both CM Punk and Jim Ross a secret before they aired on RAW. Both talents were hidden from almost everyone in the organization. They were sent to different hotels from everyone else in fear that someone would see them and relay it online. Neither came into the Hampton Coliseum until they were given the cue to appear, both being sequestered somewhere on the premises. They were not even on the sixth and final script for the show and aside from those who had to directly interact with them on television, all performers weren’t aware of either of talent being in Hampton, Virginia. Ironically, the arena itself was advertising Punk for the event.


RAW dark match & partial Superstars *Spoilers!*

Reigning Florida Heavyweight Champion Bo Rotundo worked a dark match prior to tonight’s RAW taping in Hampton, Virginia. Bo Rotunda beat Primo.

- Fairly solid action. Not much crowd participation, though. It started off good and was all right, but didn’t last long. Rotunda won with a springboard bulldog from the turnbuckle.

- Rotundo is the son of Mike Rotunda (a/k/a Irwin R. Schyster) and brother of Raw Superstar Husky Harris. He has been competing in Florida Championship Wrestling since December 2008.

(1) WWE tag champs David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty beat Santino & Chris Masters. New entrance music for Nexus and “Santino” chants early on. Good back-and-forth, then Santino was isolated for a while. Hot tag to Masters, who was nailed from behind by Mike for Nexus to win.

(2) Alex Riley beat Jack Swagger. Fair heat for Swagger. Big pop for A-Ry. Swagger with a waistlick take down early on followed by stiff slaps to the back of Rikey’s head. Riley came back with a flurry of offense. Swagger regained control and threw Riley in to the barricade, taking control for a few minutes. Riley mounted the comeback and nailed the Impaler DDT for the three count.

The rest of WWE Superstars will be taped tomorrow night at the SD! tapings in Philly.

Big celebrity confirmed for WWE SummerSlam

WWE made the announcement that Cee-Lo Green will be at SummerSlam next month to perform “Bright Lights, Bigger City.” His song will be the official theme song of the event. The press release is below:

WWE Universe, Cee Lo Green will be a part of this year’s SummerSlam in Los Angeles!
The four-time Grammy Award-nominee, whose song “Bright Lights Bigger City” is the official theme song of SummerSlam, will perform some of his hip-hop hits at WWE’s annual summer extravaganza.

Green joined Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine as a coach on NBC’s hit seres, The Voice. The reality show recently wrapped up a successful first season.

His smash hit, “Forget You,” has sold more than 12 million singles. It has been viewed more than 70 million times on YouTube. His new album, The Lady Killer, is available on iTunes.

Green has recently performed on The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, Oprah, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Today, Good Morning America, The Soul Train Awards and the NBA All-Star Game.

Zeke not being allowed into the arena!

WWE Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson reportedly had trouble getting into the arena before the SmackDown live event in White Plains, NY this past weekend.

Zeke apparently was denied entry by the arena security because they did not recognize him as one of the WWE Superstars. After pleading his case and still not allowed in, Zeke phoned one of the WWE agents, who came down and let him in. The agent has been reportedly pissed off and so was the WWE Management team at the security guards.

John Cena responds to The Rock at Survivor Series

John Cena has responded to The Rock saying he would be at the Survivor Series.

“Dear Dwayne, excited that you are thinking of attending Survivor Series in MSG,” Cena wrote on Twitter. “You can buy your ticket on September 10th. See you there.”

The 25th annual Survivor Series takes place Sunday, November 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Rock confirms he’ll be at Survivor Series

Confirming an online rumor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed this morning on Twitter that he will be meeting John Cena at the Survivor Series.

He wrote, “Cena fans: pls stop tweeting me to stop being “mean” to John. If u think I’m mean now, just wait til Survivor Series in NYC.”

The 25th annual Survivor Series takes place Sunday, November 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


WWE looking to break Guinness World Record at WrestleMania 28!

The new issue of WWE Magazine featured a piece on the Los Angeles Angels setting a Guiness World Record for the most people wearing masks at a single event, noting, "We're looking to break [the record] at Wrestlemania XXVIII!"


Top ROH Star At MITB & RAW + Ryan’s Return

– We can now confirm that Ring of Honor wrestler Jimmy Jacobs was backstage at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event in Chicago, Illinois and Monday’s Monday Night RAW event in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

There was talk of using Jacobs at Money in the Bank as a security guard in an angle to pull Randy Orton off Christian, but it didn’t happen. He also worked out in front of company personnel prior to RAW.

– Mason Ryan, who has been sidelined since late June to an undisclosed injury, is advertised to appear at the September 25 RAW live event in Lubbock, Texas. Kane Out 3+ Months announced Saturday that Kane will be sidelined for at least three months due to a fractured fibula. He sustained the injury while being attacked by Mark Henry, which occurred moments after Randy Orton defeated the multi-time champion in a Street Fight.

Mark Henry injures Kane

Similar to what he did to Big Show at Money in the Bank, Mark Henry brutalized Kane’s leg using a steel chair on the July 22 edition of SmackDown. The attack occurred just moments after Orton defeated Kane in a brutal Street Fight.

According to WWE doctor Michael Sampson, Kane suffered a fractured fibula, which will keep him out of the ring for at least three months. “But because of potential complications with such a severe injury, it could also keep him out of action for an undetermined amount of time,” Sampson said.


Videos: CM Punk invades WWE at Comic-Con!

CM Punk crashed the joint Mattel/WWE panel—WWE: Past, Present and Future—this afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Triple H, Rey Mysterio and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

Punk announced himself via bullhorn and then, with the WWE Championship in hand, sauntered to the designated question-asking microphone and began to speak. The Straight Edge Superstar took exception to WWE attempting to crown a new champion on RAW and then challenged Mysterio, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on.

Punk then asked Triple H and creative writer Brian Gewirtz why Zack Ryder wasn’t on television. Triple H, in what appeared to be a kayfabe response, told Punk that things had changed on Raw and there was a new regime. He told Punk to give him a call. Punk responded by telling Hunter that he was certain Stephanie had his phone number. You can check out a few videos of this below.

Click here to see CM Punk's high school picture!

Backstage Updates: John Laurinaitis, CM Punk, Kevin Nash & WWE

- As many of you saw on RAW this past week, John Laurinaitis was sporting a black eye. There was some speculation backstage that he had make-up applied to further the storyline but word is the black eye was legitimate. Cena apparently really connected with a punch at the Money in the Bank PPV. Also, part of the reason John Laurinaitis was with Vince McMahon at Money in the Bank for the run-in is because Vince has been told by his doctors not to take any bumps.

Speaking of Laurinaitis, there is lots of talk within WWE about his long-term future with the company. WWE has been looking for someone with a sports background to groom for a job in talent relations. It’s no secret backstage that Triple H is not and has never been a big supporter of Laurinaitis. There has also been talk that Laurinaitis will become a full-time TV character, similar to how Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco were to Vince McMahon years ago.

- During a recent meeting, WWE talents were told not to mention Punk’s name in interviews for now. Prior to RAW on Monday, Justin Roberts announced that WWE management has banned the fans from chanting Punk’s name. Of course, that led to fans chanting his name during the Vince McMahon RAW promo. There are only a very select people in WWE who really know what the deal is with CM Punk.

- Kevin Nash’s WWE Legends deal is apparently different than everyone else’s. The way it usually works with Legends Deals is you make a percentage of the revenue your name and likeness generate. In addition to that, they also pay you a small amount per year. According to a source, Nash is making much more than others and is doing very little work for the money he’s being paid. It should also be noted that Nash is said to be frustrated because he thought the reaction he got at the Royal Rumble PPV would eventually lead to a bigger storyline on TV.


More On Sin Cara’s WWE Suspension

Sin Cara’s wellness violation that he was suspended for today actually took place in June. A source reported on June 20th that Sin Cara had failed a wellness test and when WWE Spokesperson Robert Zimmerman was contacted at the time, he responded with, “per our Talent Wellness Program policy if there is a violation the company will make the necessary announcement.” That announcement was of course delayed until today.

There was a lot of heat on Sin Cara for failing the test, as he had been promoted heavily as Triple H’s first major international hire in his new position. It’s unknown whether he was working unpaid, which the company used to do while they wrote suspended workers out, or whether he be paid royalties for his appearance at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

As noted earlier, it’s possible they may not bring him back.

Big Show, Sin Cara, and The Miz injury updates

WWE is claiming that Big Show will be out for six-to-eight weeks with the knee injury that he played up during his Money In The Bank match with Mark Henry. They are selling it as a "distal fracture of the fibula."

WWE is also claiming that Sin Cara will be out "at least four weeks" with a "posterior fractured rib." You can read the updates at

Sin Cara - suspended!

WWE announced on Monday that Sin Cara (a/k/a Luis Ignascio Urive Alvride) has been suspended 30 days for violating the Wellness Policy. You can read the official announcement at

CM Punk keeps his title a little cool!

WWE Champion C.M. Punk posted an image of the WWE Championship belt inside his refrigerator. You can check it out at


The final WWE Money in the Bank card

Here is the final WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view card:


WWE Championship
* John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
- If Orton is disqualified or there is bad officiating, he loses the title.
* Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian.

* Big Show vs. Mark Henry.

Raw “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match
* Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley.

Smackdown “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match
* Kane vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel.

WWE Divas Championship
* Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella.

We’ll have FREE live WWE MITB coverage tonight at 8EST. Please be sure to join us.


John Cena has responded to The Rock’s video that we posted earlier today:

“CeNation. Just saw Dwayne’s statement. Via satellite of course. Sad, really. It was like an episode of mad money.”

*Spoilers!* WWE SD! results for Friday 7/15

Below are the WWE Smackdown taping results from the show in Uncasville, CT:

*Smackdown opens with World champion Randy Orton being interviewed by Josh Mathews inside the ring. He discusses his match against Christian at Money in the Bank. Christian appears on the Titantron and says he will become champion again. Christian says that Orton’s father was a joke and he’s just as pathetic as Cowboy Bob Orton. Orton says what is pathetic is Christian holding the title for five days.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Ezekiel Jackson defeated Ted DiBiase.

*Backstage, Cody Rhodes warns Ted DiBiase that if he loses one more match, Rhodes will personally put a bag on his head.

*Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan .

*Teddy Long tells a referee to warn Mark Henry and Big Show that if there is any physicality between the two when they have a face to face later, their match at the PPV will be canceled.

*Kane comes into Long’s office and thanks him for the match against Randy Orton. Kane says he doesn’t feel like a monster anymore and asks Long what is happening to him. Long tells Kane that he’s scaring the hell out of him.

*Backstage, someone has spraypainted Randy Orton ‘s private bus with “ORTON SUX. TEDDY LONG = MORON. CHRISTIAN = UNCROWNED WORLD CHAMPION.” Christian comes across it and acts shocked and says he can’t imagine anyone would do this.

*Sin Cara defeated Sheamus. Cara messed up his entrance. Wade Barrett was on commentary at ringside and attacked Cara after the match.

*Christian is in the casino with Randy Orton’s wallet. He pulls out $1,000 and says he’s going toplay for Orton’s daughter’s college fund. He plays but loses and says Orton’s luck has just run out.

*WWE Divas champ Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa Mendes.

*Johnny Curtis promo backstage. He says soon, the cat will be out of the bag, but pulls an elephant out of it and yells at an assistant in the room. He tells the man that the elephant in the room isn’t until next week and rips up the stuffed animal.

*Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater.

*Kane defeated World champion Randy Orton via countout when Orton saw Christian coming out and Orton chased him off.

2 Ex-WWE Talents Backstage At SD! Last Night

Source: Pwinsider

Justin Credible and Sylvan Grenier were both backstage at last night’s WWE tapings in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Credible was just visiting friends as he lives in the area while Grenier came down from Montreal with several students from his wrestling school who received a tryouts.

The Rock Wants John Cena Before WrestleMania

Via online video, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson responded to John Cena’s “hot garbage;” being ripped at a live event Australia for abandoning WWE fans in favor of a career in Hollywood.

In a Rock-style promo, Johnson explains what he meant when he said he would never leave WWE, saying people don’t like “phony punks” and promising to whoop Cena’s ass. Johnson also implied that he will be meeting Cena before WrestleMania XXVIII.

“The Rock cannot wait for WrestleMania,” he said. “(Team Bring It) is going to find you before WrestleMania. And, The Rock is going to drop a little hint where it’s going to be. It’s going to all go down in the city where it all started. From the moment Rock walked in that historic arena and thousands chanted The Rock’s name that very first night.”

WWE Asking Fans Why They Don’t Watch Anymore

A research group is holding invited focus groups in New York City asking men and women from 18-54 who are WWE fans or former WWE fans to talk about the WWE product including what they like and why they’ve stopped watching if they are lapsed fans.

The groups are an attempt by the company to figure out ways to bring fans back and identify problems in the way the current product is promoted and marketed.


New WWE video game releasing next year

Check out the trailer for WWE Brawl, a new fighting-style video game licensed by the company…

CM Punk Visits Pizza Shop – G.T.S Pizza Created!

CM Punk has his own style of pizza at a place in Chicago called Ian’s.

Punk visited Ian’s Pizza in Wrigleyville Thursday to make the G.T.S. pizza, which Ian’s obviously named after Punk’s signature move. The former WWE champion was accompanied by real-life girlfriend and WWE Diva Beth Phoenix and Ring of Honor wrestler Colt Cabana.

The G.T.S pizza features smoked turkey leg, sliced potatoes, Swiss cheese and French fried onions on a creme fraiche base. The owner of the shop said the following: “The G.T.S. is his signature move, so a meat that puts you to sleep is the perfect choice.”

The pizza will be available Monday through Sunday and was created for SugarSlam 2011, a wrestling-themed baking contest hosted by The judge panel for the contest features WWE Diva Beth Phoenix, Moto executive pastry chef Ben Roche and author Mike Edison.

Here is a video of him flipping a pizza:


The Miz recalls humiliating WWE experience & more

Adelaide Now has a brief article on The Miz, who recalls a humiliating experience that took place during his early days in WWE.

“Nobody liked me, everyone wanted me fired and was trying to get me fired. I’m in the WWE, and everyone there and the WWE Universe hates me. It made me feel like I was walking on egg shells,” The Miz said of his colleagues.

“I got kicked out of the locker rooms, so I couldn’t find a place to change or shower. I remember one time going down the corridor to go to the (stadium’s public) bathroom and fans going `Oh my god, that’s The Miz’ – thanks, I’m going to the bathroom next to a kid that has my shirt on. It’s kind of belittling and humiliating. But it’s one of those things that made me stronger and made me realise I could take everything that anyone dishes.”

WWE SD! Talents Robbed!

Randy Orton stated on Twitter that over half of the WWE SmackDown! roster had items stolen from their luggage when they reached South Africa. He also noted that everyone who put a lock on their bag was robbed. He, however, didn’t put a lock on his bag and therefore wasn’t robbed.

The Times Live newspaper out of South Africa has now picked up on the story.

John Langford, the chief operating officer of “Big Concerts” (they promote WWE’s tours of South Africa) told the paper that when the bags came off the carousel to be picked up, WWE talents found the locks had been cut and their bags had been broken into.

“The bags that had locks on them had been targeted,” Langford said. “They stole everything from watches to GPS [navigators] – things that had financial and sentimental value.”
Langford noted that this was a huge embarrassment for “[Big Concerts] as the organizers” of the events.

WWE talents filed claims at the baggage counter and an investigation has begun.


Zack Ryder tweets - title defense

Zack Ryder tweeted the following in regards to defending the “Internet Championship” at a WWE live event over the weekend: “History was made tonight in Melbourne, Australia…I defended the Internet Championship for the very first time…and I won! WWWYKI”
Here are some videos of his match:

Kofi Kingston: I Was Bullied In High School

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article on Kofi Kingston, who recalls being a victim of bullying when he was a child.

“When I went to school I was definitely bullied,” Kingston told the children who are part of Underdogs, a Sydney, Australia based anti-bullying support group. “I wasn’t the biggest guy, I grew up in a town [in America] that was affluent – a lot of people had a lot – and while my family wasn’t what you’d call not well off, we didn’t have what others had.

“So, it was tough. For me, growing up was just a matter of dealing with it. You’d try to fight it but there were some days I didn’t want to go to school and come across certain people because I didn’t want the conflict.”

The article on Kingston’s anti-bullying efforts is available at
You can click here to view photos of Kofi Kingston and his wife.

Confirmed RAW matches for tonight

– Here are tonight’s confirmed WWE RAW matches (non-spoiler):

* Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs. The Bellas

* Non-Title Match: Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga (c) vs. Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella

* Jack Swagger vs. Sergeant Slaughter

* R Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

* Alex Riley vs. The Miz


RAW **SPOILER** VIDEO – Cena Confronts McMahon

If you want to watch John Cena confront Vince McMahon before this Monday’s edition of RAW, a clip of the meeting has been leaked online. VIEW QUICKLY BEFORE THEY TAKE IT DOWN:

Zack Ryder defends ‘Internet’ title at WWE live event

Zack Ryder was announced as the WWE Internet Champion at today’s RAW live event in Melbourne, Australia and had a replica belt with him that he successfully defended against Primo.
This looks to be a way to get Ryder on television or even RAW more. It’s also a great way for WWE to promote social media. We’ll keep you posted on what the future plans for the title are. Stay tuned.


WWE Summerslam Poster Released!

– WWE trying to move away from the normal brand separation has to do with the dropping of the Bragging Rights pay-per-view and the dismissal of the SmackDown! vs. RAW video game franchise and the introduction of WWE ‘12.
– WWE has released the promotional poster and synopsis for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. The event takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, August 14th. Here is the synopsis:

“With superior abilities and infinite power, the superpowers of the WWE Universe descend on Los Angeles for a collision so monumental, it threatens to lay waste to the City of Angels. Don’t miss John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and all your favorite WWE Superstars at SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view.”

You can click here to view the poster.

The Latest On Lesnar-Heyman-WWE

In an update on the reports that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman will be working with WWE in some capacity again soon, it’s said that it will be something of a mutual project with WWE on one side, Heyman-Lesnar on the other side and some sort of middle man or conduit between the two. As we’ve been reporting, there are absolutly no plans whatsoever for Heyman or Lesnar to return to WWE television.

Shawn Daivari Returning To WWE?, Details

According to a WWE source, Shawn Daivari was expected to return to WWE as of a month or two ago. He worked a tryout match against Ted DiBiase in May and WWE officials were said to have been impressed with his work.
Daivari noted in a recent interview that WWE told him they will be bringing him back but would be releasing nearly “15 talents” first. He has yet to hear back from them. He’s now working for the All Wheels Wrestling promotion.

As we’ve been reporting, WWE main roster cuts are expected shortly.