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6/28/2011 CM Punk ‘Suspended’, Termination Likely?

The following comes from

“Monday Night Raw’s abrupt conclusion last night was not due to technical difficulties. The decision to suddenly end the broadcast in that manner was made by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who gave this quote to

“CM Punk was suspended indefinitely for his unprofessional conduct as soon as Raw went off the air.”

With his WWE contract expiring on July 17, one can only assume that this suspension effectively terminates CM Punk’s tenure with WWE.”

Batista not returning to WWE

Batista made the following comments via Twitter: “real quick…i don’t hate the WWE! i love pro wrestling! just didn’t agree with the PG direction. i loved it edgy and hardcore .. and i would definitely like to return…just not right now. im enjoying the hell out of my normal life. hope that makes sense.”

The Rock Lands Major Role!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted the following message and image, confirming his involvement in G.I. Joe 2It’s official: Call the Pentagon, get me my big ass gun – Rocks a JOE!


Chavo Guerrero addresses WWE release – not happy

WWE announced this morning that the organization has come to terms on the release SmackDown! Superstar Chavo Guerrero. The third generation grappler commented on his departure from the organization and revealed that he had requested to be let go due to unhappiness with his position.
Guerrero wrote, “Yes, it’s true. My release is the big news I was talking about. But let’s get something straight. I asked for my release. I was just tired of not being used correctly. Just cuz u can make other ppl look good, doesn’t mean they should just have u lose to them. The same thing happened to Eddie. After being champ, they still had him working mid card status. Being a Guerrero, we’ve been taught since diapers to get the most out of ppl & matches. It’s our gift, but also our curse. WWE has always used us to make other ppl look good.

“It all comes down to being happy. I was not happy in WWE anymore. I had a smile on my face last night though when I got my release though! :) now it’s time for me to start being a Guerrero again, and start kicking ass again, be able to tell stories in the ring like u know we can. :) Win or lose I will never go back to the place WWE put me in. I will never go back to being under utilized and watching ppl who suck get bigger “pushes” than me!

Thank u to all of u who stuck by me and kept reminding me, I was better than that! :) stay tuned. Big things coming!! Now I will really be able to entertain u! :) like me or hate me, 1 thing I have always tried to do is entertain u and give u fans your $ worth. Even if my hands were tied most of the time. I love u all and can’t wait for the future!! So happy. :)”

He continued, “Hey, u guys have me trending World wide!! Thanks. I should of quit a long time ago! I know it may sound like it, but I’ve got no hard feelings toward the WWE. I’ve just been unhappy there for a long time & if you have watched the show, u will no why. I made a lot of money, but I’m better than just cashing a paycheck. I wish no hard feelings toward the WWE and want to see them and all my friends there succeed! I love wrestling & want nothing but wrestling to get better & bigger. U fans deserve nothing but a great show and great stories& athleticism for staying so true to wrestling. It’s in my blood & always will be. :)

“People asking what I’m gonna do now..I’m gonna stay home and be a Dad. :) going to watch my son’s football practice now. :) Happy!”

Chavo Guerrero released! posted the following: World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown Superstar Chavo Guerrero as of today, June 25, 2011. We wish Guerrero the best in all future endeavors.

you can check it out here:

New Zack Ryder shirt and headband coming?

– WWE has a poll on their Facebook page for a new Zack Ryder t-shirt. Ryder commented via Twitter: Broskis…I have no say on my shirt. Lol. And I want # 2!

– Steve Austin responded to the tweet with one of his own, saying: who says you got no say on your shirt??? thats a load of b.s….Broski….and thats the bottom line.


Batista Speaks Out – Why He Left WWE + A Return?

Former WWE star Batista recently spoke out to promote his latest project, the Gracie Fighter Gym. It is a Tampa, Florida based jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts school he is operating in association with Cesar Gracie. Highlights are as follows:
* Batista stated during the interview that his martial arts base was Kali, and after taking up Muay Thai and jiu jitsu several years ago, it become his passion. He originally intended to make the gym private, a place near his home where he could train, but then decided to open it to the public. He’s now training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi so that he can attain rank. His goal is to someday become a Cesar Gracie black belt.

* Batista said he left WWE last year because he no longer fit with their product. He dislikes WWE’s kid-friendly direction, saying there is nothing kid-friendly about Dave Batista. Batista said WWE’s direction leaves a bad taste in his mouth as it’s too unbelievable and hokey. He feels he became disconnected from the industry and became unhappy with it. Though he still believes in WWE as a company, he doesn’t think there is a place for him anymore.

* Regarding comparisons to Mason Ryan, Batista doesn’t feel the Raw Superstar is imitating him and if he was, he would be flattered. Batista thinks Ryan is a great guy after meeting him in London, England and is curious to see where his career goes.

* Regarding his future in the wrestling industry, he said that he’d like to finish his career on his terms and return to WWE for a brief run and retirement match. He is also interested in working with the organization in a non-wrestling capacity.

HBK Speaks Out – WWE Return, Scott Hall, HOF, More

Shawn Michaels was a guest on this week’s edition of Wrestling News Live, here are the highlights…
Shawn’s thoughts on Scott Hall missing his Hall Of Fame induction: “You have to admire him, You’ve gotta start somewhere and I remember Kevin telling me and me thinking ‘you know what, that’s gotta be a good start. The fact that he is aware of it and I think that’s good as that’s what we all want for (him). I know every one is (sympathetic) and everyone cares about Scott and we all do and I was actually really happy to hear that he’s at least aware of it to the point where he can make a statement like that. As we discussed that night, we all know there is going to be several other Hall Of Fame moments for some of the dudes in our group.”

Shawn’s thoughts on his induction into the Hall Of Fame: “It’s one of those things like winning your first world championship that you always tell people about and its moments like that when it is all real. It doesn’t matter what all the naysayers say about our line of work and those moments. It’s the most real thing in the world and to get to share it with your present family and your work family and the guys that were the only family I had for many years on the road and being acknowledged in my line of work and having all the people, my extended family (there), it is very easy for me to well up and cry like a baby when I think about it because there is such an attachment for me to all of those people….. There is such a special connection from me to the people and I think it’s because they they knew how I felt about that line of work and how much it meant to me.”

Shawn’s thoughts on how the product has changed: “I don’t wanna be one of those old timers that continually knock everything because on one hand it’s very tough on the younger talent these days as they are not having the luxury of what we had which is years of experience and countless matches with countless different styles before we came to the WWE. They are getting thrown from the frying pan into the fire.”

Shawn’s thoughts a return to WWE: “One, honestly I really don’t watch much right now and I do that purposely. I’ll tune in every now and then and I’ll tune in for a little bit then see something that I don’t care for and I go away. The reason I do that is because if I watch and I see something I don’t like and I turn away, I know that I’m not ready to come back and look at it objectively yet . I think there will be a time when I’d like to come back and help and contribute in the back if needed but to do that, I feel like I need to have a real washed, clean, objective, constructive point of view and for me personally, it feels like while I was working, I did not watch that much as I always felt I was too close to it to be objective.”

Shawn’s thoughts on John Morrison: “His name comes up a lot, and a lot of people say ‘I like him but…’ and he’s a young guy and it’s my understanding that he just got injured and as much as you hate hearing about a guy getting injured, it’s never good but at the same time, I remember telling John Cena when he got hurt, ‘Dude they need to see you come back’. It’s part of the ‘warrior making’ stage and so I think John (Morrison) as the kids like to say, ‘He has to get some street cred’. He’s got to take some lumps, gotta take on a couple of scars, get beaten up a little but I certainly think there is potential there. He certainly has all the physical attributes that he needs. He is a sweetheart of a guy and I think that is what hurts him, I just don’t think he has a bad bone in his body.”

Shawn on why he choose not to hold the World Title one last time: “No, No I didn’t. That’s (holding the belt) is a full time commitment and the guy that does that needs to make every show, doing absolutely everything and that just wasn’t for me. The deal with me coming back was still worth quite a bit but I didn’t do all the live events and I was taking (time after) darn near every WrestleMania off. That was just something, it was more important to me just to come back and I’m gonna be honest, I like it more than the way I did. I know there are some people like ‘You only held the world title this many times’. I just didn’t think it (was fair), I think the guy who does that needs to be the work horse and I no way wanted to be that.”


*Spoilers!* WWE SD! results for Friday 6/24

*Smackdown opened with Teddy Long to address the World title controversy from Capitol Punishment. Long calls Christian to the ring. Christian says he deserves another title shot. Long tells him he has to earn it, so it’s Kane vs. Christian to determine the new number one contender tonight.

*Sin Cara defeated Ted DiBiase in a good match.

*Cody Rhodes came out for his match with Daniel Bryan. Bryan came out and said that unlike what Cody thinks, looks aren’t everything and showed a photo of Dusty Rhodes on the Titantron. He said Dusty may not have been the best looking guy but had charisma and was a good person, something Cody is not. DiBiase comes out when the match begins. Cody gets the win.

*Johnny Curtis vignette in catering. He stands in front of a table with ketchup, mayo and mustard. He takes the first two and leaves the mustard, because he can cut it.

*Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Big Show about being attacked by Mark Henry. Show says he’s going to get Henry back when Henry spears him out of nowhere into the set. The referees help Show up and out as Henry walks off.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Ezekiel Jackson has his first title defense, defeating Wade Barrett.

*Jack Korpela interviews World champion Randy Orton. He says that Christian getting another opportunity to be the number one contender is comical but if he has to, he will defeat him again.

*Backstage, Wade Barrett comes across Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. They mock him for losing to Jackson and say they are going to go out there and do something he can’t – win.

*Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated the Usos.

*Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu never happened as Mahal attacked Tatsu and laid him out. Mahal cut a promo saying Great Khali is done kissing fat women and they will dominate.

*Mark Henry attacked Kane to cause a DQ in Christian vs. Kane. Randy Orton came out to even things up. Teddy Long made it a tag match. Orton nailed Christian with an RKO but Henry nailed Orton with the World’s Strongest Slam and pinned him, so Christian ends up with a title shot at the MITB PPV.

Big RAW Match Confirmed For Next Week

In light of the technical difficulties that occurred during the “Power to the People” edition of RAW on Monday night, WWE will make it up to fans by holding a match between Sin Cara and Evan Bourne on next week’s show. adds: “During Monday’s Raw broadcast, WWE fans were given the option to text A, B or C to 46993 (GOWWE) in order to decide what they wanted to happen on the show. Things went perfectly at first when text votes selected Kelly Kelly (option B) to take on Brie Bella for the Divas Championship. However, our vote tabulating provider’s system became overwhelmed, causing these votes to definitively affect the following contest, in which Mason Ryan (also option B) was voted into a match against Evan Bourne — even though, as it was later discovered, Sin Cara had received 90 percent of the total votes in’s Live Chat poll, and should have been Bourne’s opponent.”

Backstage Update: CM Punk’s WWE Future

There are differing opinions from within WWE as to CM Punk’s status with the company. A lot of people believe that he’s done, though others think he’s either re-signed or is about to. Of course, the tweets he has sent out are identical to his ROH angle in the Summer of 2005.

Update: Major RAW Technical Difficulties (Fan Voting)

WWE released the following statement on their Twitter page Tuesday:

“Technical errors occurred in some of the voting results during Raw: Power to the People. Check with throughout the day for more.”

A subsequent statement has since been released on with the headline reading “Text Vote Screws Sin Cara.”

“WWE apologizes to the WWE Universe, Raw’s “Power to the People” voters, and especially Sin Cara and Evan Bourne. The match vote was skewed by a heavy backlog of votes from the Divas Title Match. More details on throughout the day.”

UPDATE: just posted yet another update on this which reads:

WWE would like to apologize for technical difficulties that occurred during the “Power to the People” edition of Raw on Monday night.

The interactive event aimed to give the WWE Universe the ability to choose what they wanted to see on their television screens. Unfortunately, uncontrollable difficulties created by an influx of heavy voting traffic resulted in not every one of the more-than 697,000 recorded votes to be properly counted. WWE television production had no idea of these issues until after the show had ended.

During Monday’s Raw broadcast, WWE fans were given the option to text A, B or C to 46993 (GOWWE) in order to decide what they wanted to happen on the show. Things went perfectly at first when text votes selected Kelly Kelly (option B) to take on Brie Bella for the Divas Championship. However, our vote tabulating provider’s system became overwhelmed, causing these votes to spill into later polls. This technical mishap soon led to Mason Ryan (also option B) being voted into a match against Evan Bourne — even though, as it was later discovered, Sin Cara had received 90 percent of the total votes in’s Live Chat poll, and should have been Bourne’s opponent.

Votes for the third poll’s bout — Kane vs. Mark Henry in an Arm Wrestling Contest — were counted correctly. However, problems began to occur again during the next poll determining a match stipulation between United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston. At this point, so many text votes were received that the system overloaded, crashed and had to be restarted.

With little information to work from, WWE management selected to follow the system’s earliest projections, which determined that the 2-out-of-3 Falls Match had been the people’s choice. It was not until later that it was discovered that “Vickie Guerrero Banned from Ringside” was actually the top vote getter.

Restarting the tabulating system allowed for things to run smoothly with the voting for the Triple Threat Match to determine a No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship going off without a hitch.

Stand by for more details to be reported by throughout the day.


The identity of Obama Impersonator at Capitol Punishment

Comedian Reggie Brown was the man playing President Obama at Capitol Punishment.

Brown was the lead story on CNN on Saturday when he appeared at a Republican convention and went too far with his jokes to the point of having to be pulled offstage.

WWE Capitol Punishment Dark Match + More

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in a dark match before the WWE Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.

As most of you saw at the Capitol Punishment PPV, WWE had a “secret service”-related skit. Several local indy workers played the part of the “secret service”. We hope to have more on their identities tomorrow.


What the Tough Enough contestants were told!

For those curious, both Andy Leavine and Luke Robinson were told during a rehearsal before the season finale of “Tough Enough” (which ended up being part of the beginning of Monday Night Raw) that they would get slapped by Vince McMahon and then would take a Stunner from Steve Austin. However, they were not told who would win.

WWE's Creative Team extremely busy

WWE’s creative team has a VERY busy next few weeks ahead of them. Following the three-hour Monday Night RAW and SmackDown! tapings this past week on 6/13 and 6/14, the company has the Capitol Punishment PPV tonight, another three-hour RAW this Monday, SmackDown! tapings on Tuesday and then must prepare for double RAW tapings on 6/27 in Las Vegas and the double SmackDown! tapings on 6/28 (Phoenix) and 6/29 (Tucson). The team will be given time off after that, which will include the July 4th holiday weekend while the WWE crew heads overseas for a tour of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Of course, this means it’ll be crazy busy on our website as well. Stay tuned and check back in often!!

What is WWE owed for PPV events?

According to a source, as of the end of March 2011, WWE was owed $10.2 million by several pay-per-view distributors. They are owed for events that have already taken place. This just goes to show you how big the delay is for all companies that run events on PPV.

WWE Capitol Punishment card for tonight!

WWE will hold their inaugural Capitol Punishment pay-per-view event tonight at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The following seven matches have been announced for the event.

WWE Championship Match:
John Cena (c) vs. R-Truth

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

WWE United States Championship Match:
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Alex Riley vs. The Miz

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

We’ll have FREE live stream of WWE Capitol Punishment tonight at 8EST!!

Will Randy Orton wrestle at Capitol Punishment?

- A reminder that the Capitol Punishment ppv of tonight will be streaming live for free, right here at WWE Unveiled!
- Randy Orton announced on his Twitter page that he had passed the Impact test. Therefore, he is clear to wrestling at the Capitol Punishment Pay-Per-View in Washington, D.C.

Video: Alberto Del Rio challenges John Cena at SummerSlam!

Alberto Del Rio was at E3 in Los Angeles last week. While there, he issued a challenge to John Cena to meet him at Summerslam 2011 for the WWE Championship:


VIDEOS: Big Show-RAW Event Video, Cena Speaks

– The Big Show appeared as the Intercontinental Champion for a match against Alberto Del Rio at a RAW live event last week in Spain. Wade Barrett currently reigns as the Intercontinental Champion.

– Here is an interview with John Cena, where he discusses working with kids as well as the gay slur incident from earlier in the year…

The Rock-John Cena Feud Continues

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to tease John Cena online as he compared the WWE Superstar to the Disney character Goofy while at Disneyland yesterday.

He posted a photo of himself alongside Goofy with the caption reading: “Just bumped into John Cena! I was gonna knock the goofy off his ass, but I’ll save that ass whuppin for Wrestlemania.”


*Spoliers!* SmackDown results for Friday 6/17

Below are the taping results for this week’s WWE SmackDown!:

Smackdown opens with World champion Randy Orton coming out and announcing his concussion but says that he doesn’t care and still wants a piece of Christian. Teddy Long comes out and says he doesn’t care and wants Christian. Long says he can’t allow Orton to compete. Christian comes out and says he’s going to win the World title this Sunday. This brings out Sheamus who says he beat Orton last week and he’s the one who deserves a title shot. Christian calls him Strawberry Shortcake and tells him that it’s not his time. Long announces Christian vs. Sheamus for the main event tonight. If Sheamus wins, he gets into the title match on Sunday and it’s a Triple Threat. If Christian wins, the match remains as it currently stands. Orton will be at ringside but not allowed to get involved.

*In a rematch from Raw, Sin Cara & Daniel Bruan & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes & WWE Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett when Bryan pinned DiBiase in what was obviously a terribly screwed up finish as the referee counted three as DiBiase kicked out.
Note – they did show the replay of the finish, so perhaps it was a storyline thing – just came off really weird.

*Sheamus cuts a backstage promo promising to beat Christian tonight and Orton Sunday to become the new World champion.

*Jinder Mahal defeated Vladimir Kozlov.

*Josh Matthews interviewed Big Show inside the ring, asking why him why he was here on Smackdown. Show said that he heard Alberto Del Rio was going to be here. Long comes out and says that if Alberto is here, Show cannot lay a hand on him. He said that Del Rio is contemplating pressing charges on Show for what he did to Ricardo on Raw. Long said he and Show will both lose their jobs if that happens (the crowd cheered, really), but Show has an opponent tonight – Mark Henry.

The match never really happens as Show goes nuts and destroys Henry, laying him out. Officials and medics come out and Henry is stretchered out.

*Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina defeated AJ, Natalya & Kaitlyn when Tamina pinned AJ with a Samoan Drop.

*Johnny Curtis cuts a promo backstage saying his debut is near and (standing near a miniature gold setup) he’s going to be the Ace in the hole, pulling an Ace Card out of the hole.

*Christian cuts a promo backstage saying the match against Sheamus is a bad call and he shouldn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

*The Usos defeated Justin Gabriel & Health Slater.

*Alberto Del Rio arrived and cut a promo saying that Ricardo was destroyed by Big Show and can’t provide for his own daughter anymore. He promised to dedicate his win this Sunday to Ricardo. They made it out like he was gone for good. Show came out and Del Rio chased into the crowd by The Big Show. Show was all mad and destroyed the ringside table.

*Christian defeated Sheamus. Randy Orton chased him to the back, then returned to punt Sheamus to close the taping.


WWE Capitol Punishment will stream LIVE on this blog FREE!

Thats right, Capitol Punishment will stream live for free only on WWE Unveiled! on Sunday, June 19. Be sure to be here at 8p.m. EST to watch the debut of the newest pay-per-view live for free!

More WWE Releases In The Near Future?

WWE released Michael Tarver, Jacob Novak, Buck Dixon, Buddy Stetcher and Ethan Levin over the weekend.

Tarver was on the inaugural season of NXT not to mention an original member of The Nexus. After being dropped from the group in October, he was brought back for several television appearances that saw him standing in the background. He never returned to WWE in-ring action. Tarver announced this weekend on Twitter that he has changed his user handle to his real name. “Hello everyone my name is Tyrone Evans (michael tarver) and I have changed me screen name to my real name,” he wrote. “michael tarver belongs to wwe TYRONE EVANS xB2.0x belongs to GOD and im about to ATTACK ,,,GOD HELP US ,,,,stay tuned……….”

Jacob Novak participated in the current season of NXT, but was eliminated first for the second consecutive season.

Dixon, Stetcher and Levin were seldom featured developmental wrestlers.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more WWE releases in the near future. They’ll likely happen after the TV tapings tonight and tomorrow when everyone heads back to Stamford. CT. WWE releases usually begin in developmental and then move their way up to the main roster. We shall see soon enough.

Early Three-Hour RAW Preview – Steve Austin, TE, & More

- Tonight’s edition of WWE RAW takes place in Long Island, NY. The show is a three-hour Raw and is an “All Star” theme to hype the WWE All Stars game.

- Steve Austin will be the guest GM for the night.

- Members of both the RAW and SmackDown! rosters will be appearing.

- WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine announced that he would be at RAW tonight.

- Locally advertised is a dark match featuring John Cena vs. The Miz in a street fight.

- The company will also be hyping the Capitol Punishment PPV tonight. The PPV airs this Sunday.

Zack Ryder Speaks Out – Character, YouTube Videos, More

Zack Ryder recently spoke with Newsday, here are the highlights…

On starting Z! True Long Island Story: “What happened was that about three months ago I was sick of just not being on TV, sick of just sitting in the background on the sidelines. So I created my opportunity. I created my own Youtube account. My parents got me a Flipcam for Christmas. And I started to make my own shows. And 16 episodes later, more than a million views, it’s starting to pick up… All my days off is basically doing that show. It’s thinking of things and messing around with my friends. They’ll help me film stuff, like the Superstars General Manager—just things to create controversy in a funny, light hearted way… I think I had no creative output before, so they really didn’t know who I was. I had a couple matches here and there, but I never really had a chance to show who I really was, my personality and show how charismatic I was. Now this show has taken off. Guys like John Cena, The Miz, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Chris Jericho are all praising me on Twitter and stuff like that. I wrote the bonus forward to Chris Jericho’s book. It’s just unbelievable. I think everyone is starting to notice.”

Does He Get Heat Over The Show?: “At first, I was afraid too. I thought, ‘Am I going to get in trouble?’ But I’m not trying to cause any problems. I just want to get my name out there and create my own opportunity, and make some money for the company and for myself. Now they’re really getting behind it. Like you said, there are signs every single week. My T-Shirts are selling out, and I’m not even on television. It’s unheard of. So, I think they have to get behind it.… As far as I know, I haven’t been punished. But before I started the Youtube show, I was at the bottom of the card—the bottom. How much worse of a position could I have dropped to, you know? So it had to go up. That was my mind set. I was just sick of being at the bottom, knowing I could be so much more. It was all or nothing, basically.”

On His Frustrations: “I guess I am grateful that I have a job in WWE, but that my plan my whole life. So, it’s kind of expected for me. So I’m not satisfied with my spot on the card. I definitely want to move up. And that’s what I’m going to do. Or at least I’m going to try my best and go out swinging. I’m not going to just sit back and say, ‘Oh, I should have done that,’ or ‘I should have done this.’ When my time comes to an end, I know I’ll have no regrets… I’ve been under contract for five years. I’ve been on television for four. So that’s a pretty long time. So many people come and go in four years. But I have all the time in the world. I’m only 26. I’m one of the youngest guys on the roster. I’m not going to stop until everyone in this world knows who Zack Ryder is.”

On Creating His Character: “It was way before The Jersey Shore. I was with Curt Hawkins as the Edge Heads—a long haired blonde kid. And I needed a change. I needed something different. So I just took my real personality, turned the volume way up, cut the hair, went to all the clubs on Long Island, like GLO, and fist pumped with all my broskies until I finally found who I really was, and portrayed it to the world, throwing up the ‘LI’ hand signal. And ‘Woo-woo-woo’ is taking over… I’m definitely not mocking Long Island in any way, shape or form. I love where I’m from. I love Long Island. It’s supposed to be showing the world about Long Island. I’m walking out there throwing up the ‘LI’ hand signal. Everything’s Long Island. It’s showing it off. It’s not mocking it in any way. So I hope no one feels that way. If they do–Oh well. I’ll send them a T-Shirt.’

On Being Trained By Mikey Whipreck At Long Island’s New York Wrestling Connection: “I wanted to be a wrestler my entire life, so right out of high school I found NYWC, which is in Deer Park. And, Mikey Whipreck, from the original ECW, was the trainer. And I just learned all the basics, learned everything I needed to know. Myself, Curt Hawkins, Trent Baretta —We’re all the WWE and we all came out of that school. So it’s definitely a good place to learn the ropes, so to speak… (Whipreck) taught us everything from headlocks to paying your taxes. He knew everything. And he was the perfect teacher because he actually experienced it, as opposed to other people who don’t know anything and are training people and are basically stealing people’s money.”

Zack Ryder and his real life girlfriend!


Why Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Use Twitter Revealed

WWE SmackDown! Superstar Cody Rhodes explained in an interview with WWE Magazine why he does not use the social networking site Twitter.

“I don’t want to give followers or adversaries insight into who I am. I’m thinking of having my next T-shirt read, “Cody Rhodes” on the front and, “Not On The Internet” on the back. I think Twitter is ridiculous,” Rhodes said.

“If you have time to Tweet about what you’re eating, I don’t think you’re working hard enough. I may be a workaholic—and I know I’ve been accused of that before—but I can’t see myself Tweeting to members of the WWE Universe about how I wanted my eggs over easy and they came scrambled instead. I’ll go on the record: The day Tom Hanks gets a Twitter account is the day I’ll get a Twitter account.”

The magazine editor then notes that Tom Hanks does in fact have a Twitter account. Ooops!

Cody Rhodes kissing Angelina Love!


Kurt Angle: I Nearly Ended The Undertaker’s Streak

WrestleCast as part of The Sun in the UK is featuring an interview with TNA star Kurt Angle who claims WWE was considering having him end The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania 22 back in 2006:

Angle said: “It was considered back in 2006. The person who wanted to do it was Undertaker himself. I was flattered, for him to go to Vince McMahon and pitch it. Undertaker at that point never had a five-star Wrestlemania moment match. He figured that the only one he could do it was me, at the time. Thank God a couple of years later he had Shawn Michaels, and it worked. But Undertaker really wanted to have that match, he asked Vince to push our match back from No Way Out to WrestleMania and, since I was champion they wanted me to keep the title, Undertaker was willing to take the loss. To me that meant a lot because Undertaker had a lot of respect for me — and I had more respect for him than he did for me.”

Of course, this is Kurt Angle we’re talking about so take this with a grain of salt.

Bill DeMott WWE return update

– WWE have registered “Sooner or Later Everyone Taps” as a trademark, primarily for merchandise use. This could be for Daniel Bryan.

– Bill DeMott’s posted the following to his Twitter yesterday regarding rumors of a possible WWE in-ring return:

The #rumor mill is smoking hot with tales of me returning to WWE in-ring action!! I have to say that rumors much like bones can be broken!

See you all think I said no, all I said was “rumors and bones were made to be broken”…my plate is very full with @WWE projects and I’m :)!

I am officially announcing …I AM TRAINING FOR SOMETHING! TAKE THAT ANYWAY YOUWANT!but I will be ready for…IT

Skip Sheffield injury update

Skip Sheffield, who has been sidelined since breaking his leg and ankle on August 18, 2010 at a WWE live event in Honolulu, Hawaii, announced via Twitter that he will be undergoing another surgical procedure this Tuesday. He wrote, “Will be having a third surgery this Tuesday and it will be the last,” Sheffield wrote. “There are a lot of people who are far worse off and this is all happening for a good reason. I wish I was back right now and doing what I love, but things are not right and they have to be fixed. I will be 100 percent very soon and back on WWE TV and I thank all of you for your support. I have kept my head held high and I cannot thank WWE enough for their support in this time. I have worked too hard too long to just give up and while it has been difficult it has only made me a stronger better person so please be patient and I will be back I promise.”