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WWE demands Kevin Nash to dye hair

– Kevin Nash reportedly tried returning to WWE TV without dying his hair black but officials insisted that he dye it black because they wanted him to look younger. Nash tried to get out of it but WWE wouldn’t budge. It’s said that Nash prefers his gray hair and when he was in TNA, people pushed for him to dye it but he wouldn’t.

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, Kevin Nash said that CM Punk looked like a cook from a Waffle House in Pikesville. It’s said that Nash was actually taking a shot at TNA, referring to Pikesville, Kentucky – one of TNA’s hottest markets for live events. Nash was always against working live events in TNA and backstage at the few he did work, he never took them seriously.

Who came up with ‘Little Jimmy’?, Mysterio

– R-Truth did a recent interview with Charlotte Magazine and revealed that the “Little Jimmy” phrase was the idea of Vince McMahon. Truth also told the magazine that he ad-libs 90% of his promos and that he’s still working on a hip-hop mixtape.

– In keeping with the storyline from Monday’s RAW where WWE temporarily wrote Rey Mysterio off TV with the Alberto Del Rio injury angle, Mysterio commented on Twitter today. Rey wrote that he was injured on Monday by Del Rio and was at the doctors getting an MRI done. Rey said he won’t know the results of the MRI until next week.

As noted before, Rey actually had a legit MRI done on his knee last week and the latest word is that he will miss time away from the ring but won’t be going in for surgery as he’s chosen to go through more rehab instead.

John Cena launches YouTube channel, WWE Tough Enough Returning? - Demott

- John Cena has launched his official YouTube channel and you can visit it here:

- Bill DeMott wrote on Twitter that he’s hoping an announcement on the next season of WWE Tough Enough will be made very soon.

Rey Mysterio's injury update, Sin Cara's WWE future

– Rey Mysterio’s injury angle on RAW was done to give him time off to deal with his knee injury. Mysterio got an MRI done yesterday and the results should be back in about a week. The hope is that he can avoid surgery and just rehab the injury, which would mean a shorter time on the shelf.

– There has been no discussion about the future of the original Sin Cara at this week’s TV tapings. Hunico worked as Cara at last night’s taping.

Matt Hardy claims he has a ghost – details

Matt Hardy posted to his own Twitter the following:

I know I’ve mentioned to all of you about the footsteps, or “presence” in my house. Tonight we actually saw something, & it was insane.

And when I say insane, I mean terrifying. Some of it is on camera, you’ll see. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Reby & I were shooting footage for my next YT entry, when we caught something VERY unexpected on camera. Footage is uploading now..

I’m gonna put it up on my YouTube channel, so the World can see my home’s entity, spirit, or whatever it is.

The video is here:

A boxing match at WrestleMania?, Del Rio’s win posted an article about a fight between Montre Barrett and David Tua (nephew of Afa the Wild Samoan) being featured at Wrestlemania in Miami next year. Barrett claimed that he was in contact with John Cena who was talking with WWE’s talent department about it.

In an intersting bit of trivia, Alberto Del Rio won the WWE Title almost exactly a year after he debuted. He made his first television appearance at the Smackdown tapings on August 17 (which aired August 20). Both shows were in Bakersfield.


*Spoilers!* SD! results for Friday 17/11

*Teddy Long announces 20 Man Battle Royal to crown number one contender for World title. Randy Orton is out there for announcement. Cody Rhodes confronts Orton It ends with Orton nailing RKO on Ted DiBiase.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson.

*Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd.

*In a great match, WWE champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan, who was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Bryan taps to rolling armbreaker. Sin Cara hits the ring to make the save.

*DARK SEGMENT: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio insults Bakersfield. Triple H comes out and announces Del Rio & Christian vs. Orton & Sheamus. Triple H Pedigrees Ricardo.

*WWE Divas champion Kelly Kelly & AJ defeated Alicia Fox & Natalya. Fox and Natalya get into it and Fox ends up placed in Sharpshooter.

*Mark Henry throws out Sin Cara to win the Battle Royal and become number one contender. Orton and Henry face off.

Dark Segment:

*Orton and Sheamus defeated Christian and Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus chases Alberto to the back as Orton RKOs Christian.


John Cena's message to the fans, Foley praises Cena

John Cena tweeted the following last night after RAW: “CeNation. Amazing to see in times of crisis, and change, who your freinds are. Thanks to all of u who never give up…. And for those that wish for our demise, now is when we rise above the hate, and overcome. Can’t wait to get my hands on Del Rio. Yawn ..stop looking at this bizz in black and white. I am not a “heel” or a “face”, I am me. I find it comical that u truly believe. That archaic ideology still exists. Today, wwe fans cheer for who they please, which is why I love this company. I should mail u a pair of my shorts, because your stuck in 1993. I thought I made it pretty clear at contract signing where I stood. I guess there’s a lot of folks out there whose capacity is as limited as “my offense”. :) I back those who back me. And those who back me, get ready for one Helluva few months! Rise Above Hate. This “soap box moment ” was brought to you by Fruity Pebbles. :) Thanks again to ALL those who never give up.”

Mick Foley tweeted the following last night regarding John Cena:

“I really enjoyed the angry, serious tone of @johncena . Might be about time more fans started recognizing his legacy of amazing matches.

Sorry to disagree with so many of you, but go through your archives and look at how many good/great/amazing matches @johncena has had on PPV

You may not like the character, but @JohnCena is a workhorse, and hasn’t been in a bad PPV (that I’ve seen) in a long time. He CAN wrestle!

Come on, someone find me a bad @johncena PPV. He’s been a part of classic stuff with regularity for years. It’s NOT just the opponents guys.

Look, I was clearly more of an @WWE fan even when I was with TNA. I just call them like I see them…and I see Cena favorably.

I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone. I’ll grant you that his last Mania wasn’t great, but his match with @therock will be.

Good conversation, everyone. Remember when @johncena wrestled 10 minutes with Orton AFTER tearing his pec off the bone? THAT is HEART!”

Major Backstage Update On Kevin Nash & WWE

For those of you looking for answers to the Nash/Punk/HHH/Steph/etc. storyline, you clearly didn’t get them on last night’s edition of RAW. Close sources are saying that it was very chaotic backstage at RAW last night and decisions weren’t made until last minute.

One source said that the CM Punk/Kevin Nash promo was very unscripted. “Those two were working without a net out there,” the source said, “and the jabs they took at each other were not planned beforehand.”

The lack of resolve in the “Who texted Kevin Nash?” story is because WWE still hasn’t solidified the direction they’re going to take yet. “They have five ways they can go with this thing,” said a WWE writer, “and it’s still unclear which one they’re going to choose.” WWE never intended on Del Rio to be the one who “hired” Kevin Nash. The obvious options now are Triple H, Stephanie, Johnny Ace and Vince, but WWE has proven that they don’t always go with the clear choice with things like this, so no one will ever know for sure until it’s finally in the books.

There’s still no word on Kevin Nash’s contract situation and whether he’s agreed to (or even been offered) a new deal now that he’s back on television. Kevin Nash is currently signed to a “Legends” contract. I would imagine something new will be worked out very soon as last night’s RAW was a very good indication that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve received a few emails about

Nash being booked on some future independent shows and while he may or may not pull out of those, there have not been reports of him doing so yet.


Kevin Nash Teases RAW Appearance – Details

Kevin Nash teased on Twitter that he will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Raw.

He wrote, “Rumor has it a tall, dark haired dude is going to be on Raw tonight. You better watch. He has a tendency to disappear for months.”

Nash appeared last night at SummerSlam to assault CM Punk following his WWE Championship victory over John Cena. Following the attack, Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and defeated Punk for the belt. Freedom Pro Wrestling announced two days earlier that Nash had suffered a neck injury and would miss their Saturday event. He was replaced by “Diamond” Dallas Page.

What happened after SummerSlam?

Ricardo Rodriguez came out on the stage after the WWE SummerSlam PPV and told everyone to get up and cheer for the new champion – Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto then left the ring and CM Punk got up to standing ovation. As he walked up the ramp, Punk’s music hit.

SS legitimately sold out?, Jim Ross not calling SummerSlam

– The WWE announcing change was a last-minute decision. It was originally set to be Ross/Cole/Lawler.

– The WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view event from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California was legitimately sold out. Talent weren’t able to get comps for their friends and family for the event.

It was noted on Sunday that Jim Ross tweeted he would be calling WWE SummerSlam alongside Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Ross obviously didn’t call the pay-per-view but was backstage at the event. Ross tweeted the following regarding the SummerSlam snub:

“I’m at Summer Slam on Twitter duty & not broadcasting. Booker’s working w/ Cole & king.

I am at SUMMER SLAM but backstage and not at ringside. Booker adds Smackdown representation not that Cole wouldn’t have. I’m twitter man.

I’m tweeting tonite..not broadcasting. Just happy to be here. :)

Game time decision to use Booker to rep Smackdown on tonite’s Summer Slam & to work with King & Cole. I’m happy for Booker.”

Ross had earlier tweeted: “Excited to work w/ Cole & King. Expect some surprise bouts to be added to tonite’s PPV.”

JR is obviously taking the high road here as he was originally set to call the event.

Lots of SS news: Who did Kelly Kelly kiss?, Sheamus/Henry, Del Rio's bodyguard

– The man that Kelly Kelly kissed at ringside last night during SummerSlam was NHL player Sheldon Souray, who plays for the Dallas Stars. Kelly noted on Twitter that Souray was in town with her mother and word is that the two are now dating. Kelly previously dated WWE star Justin Gabriel.

– Local independent wrestlers from the Pro Wrestling Guerilla promotion were sitting at ringside last night during the spot where Mark Henry and Sheamus crashed through the barrier and into the crowd. WWE used the wrestlers there as extras to prevent fans from getting hurt.

- Alberto Del Rio is the new WWE Champion after defeating the former Champion, CM Punk, at tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Moments after Punk won the WWE Title match against John Cena, Kevin Nash returned to WWE and laid Punk out. This brought out Del Rio, who cashed in Money in the Bank to become the new WWE Champion.

A new bodyguard for Del Rio was discussed as far back as two months ago and it looks as if they have filled that role with Kevin Nash.

Punk’s win over John Cena also came in controversial fashion as Cena’s foot was on the ropes and special referee Triple H didn’t see it.



New WWE SummerSlam match + SD! matches

You can watch the WWE SummerSlam ppv live for FREE this Sunday only on WWE Unveiled!

– Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett has been added to Summerslam. This will be announced shortly. Here is the updated card for the show…

* For The Undisputed WWE Title: CM Punk © vs. John Cena © w/Triple H as Special Referee
* No Holds Barred World Title Match: Christian © vs. Randy Orton
* WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © vs. Beth Phoenix
* Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
* Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

– Here are tonight’s confirmed WWE SmackDown! matches:

* Non-Title Match: Christian © vs. Sheamus
* Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Kaitlyn and A.J.
* Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd
* Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
* IC Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson © vs. Cody Rhodes
* Mark Henry vs. Johnny Curtis
* The Great Khali vs. Randy Orton

Heath Slater accused of assaulting female guard

Atlanta police is currently investigating the allegations that SmackDown! star Heath Slater assaulted a female security guard at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta during WrestleMania weekend.

Security officer Corinne Oliver claimed in her report that Slater thought she was pretty and then grabbed her in a chokehold while trying to get her back to his hotel room. She had fought to get loose and identified Slater later.

A source within the wrestling world claims that according to Slater, the allegations are untrue and he was with his fiancé the whole week.

More details have come out due to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the assault charges against Heath Slater.

The article notes that Corinne Oliver, the security guard who says Slater attacked her, claims that she has been experiencing back pains since the incident supposedly happened early Monday morning after WrestleMania. The article notes that Oliver didn’t report the attack until June 22nd because her employer said they would handle it and didn’t.

Backstage update on The Rock’s WWE future, More

– Vince McMahon stated during last week’s WWE investors conference call that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has agreed to work multiple pay-per-view events. Besides the Survivor Series in November, there is talk that Johnson, barring movie commitments, would be on hand for the big three shows next year—Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam. WWE officials are hoping they can squeeze even more appearances out of him.

– Word is that the CM Punk vs. John Cena match at Sunday’s SummerSlam will be given a lot of time, more than usual. Within WWE, it’s known that this pay-per-view has turned out to be basically a one match show.


WWE’s new Creative Team member revealed

Kevin Eck, who writes a pro wrestling blog for The Baltimore Sun, has announced that he is leaving the newspaper organization to become a member of the WWE creative team.

“I can’t stress enough how few jobs there are that could get me to entertain the thought of leaving The Sun for even a second. In fact, this opportunity with WWE may be the only one,” Eck wrote.

“I think this is an exciting time to be joining WWE, which is currently in the process of altering its creative approach. I’ve accepted a position that will allow me to contribute from a creative standpoint and also use my skills as a journalist.”

Edge to appear at SummerSlam? - Talks retirement, more

Edge stated in a new interview promoting his four-episode guest-spot on the Syfy series Haven that he would be appearing at SummerSlam. The former World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled to appear at Summerslam Axxess this weekend, but did not specify whether he would be appearing on the pay-per-view broadcast.

“I basically started shooting Haven directly from Extreme Rules when Christian won the title. So it basically took up the entire summer. I have an appearance at Summerslam and after that it’s some serious outdoor time. Kayaking, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, dog hiking, and whatever else I can find before winter hits,” Edge told

When asked if he intends to return to WWE, even in a non-wrestling capacity, he replied, “I’m sure I’ll make appearances from time to time like (Shawn Michaels) does. I’m not interested in commentating, but maybe at some point something behind the scenes if it didn’t involve the crazy travel. My days of over 200 days a year on the road are over.”

The Rated-R Superstar also says has some WWE appearances scheduled in Paris, France to promote a movie he shot last year for WWE Films, Bending the Rules (to be released in January 2012). He adds, “Beyond that I think it’s time to find out what retirement is really like and catch the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam on their current tours.”

*Spoilers!* WWE SD! results for Friday 8/12

* Triple H opens the show and announces Randy Orton vs. The Great Khali, Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson with the Intercontinental Title on the line for tonight. World Heavyweight Champion Christian comes out and wants to talk to the WWE COO. Christian threatens to sue Triple H if he doesn’t change the SummerSlam match against Randy Orton. Triple H says Christian has no respect and will still face Orton on Sunday and be in action tonight.

* Sheamus beat Christian by count out. Christian walked off and stood at the ramp as the referee counted him out.

* Natalya and Beth Phoenix beat AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. Face pop for Beth and Natalya here. Beth pinned AJ while Natalya put Kaitlyn in the Sharpshooter.

* Backstage segment with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes arguing with Teddy Long. Zack Ryder and Aksana are there.

* Backstage segment with Mark Henry and Johnny Curtis.

* Sin Cara beat Tyson Kidd in a decent match. Hard to tell if Cara is someone else under the mask. Cara came out to a huge reaction.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Daniel Bryan by submission in a great match. Cheers for Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez before the match. Wade Barrett came out and attacked Bryan after the match.

* Cody Rhodes beat Ezekiel Jackson to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion after hitting Cross Rhodes.

* Backstage segment with Randy Orton talking about SummerSlam and tonight’s match.

* Mark Henry beat Johnny Curtis. Sheamus came out after the match and confronted Henry.

* Randy Orton beat The Great Khali after an RKO. Christian came out and taunted Orton after the match, saying he’s the best thing going.

Rey Mysterio in rough shape & Laurinaitis plans scrapped

– Rey Mysterio had an MRI done over the weekend but as of yesterday, did not have the results back. Rey is reportedly very worried as it’s the same knee that he has had several surgeries on. We should know more later this week.

– Vince McMahon reportedly does not want John Laurinaitis to have a speaking role on WWE TV anymore as he feels Laurinaitis can’t cut a good promo.

Sin Cara was not backstage at SD!, SummerSlam plans

– The latest word on the Sin Cara character is that it indeed will be FCW star Hunico wrestling under the mask at tonight’s SmackDown! tapings. The original Sin Cara will return once his suspension is over and a feud with Hunico may end up happening on WWE TV.

– Regarding SummerSlam only having four matches announced, word is that as of yesterday, that’s all the matches WWE had finalized. Creative had more matches lined up two weeks ago than they did yesterday at RAW. It’s expected that two or three more matches will be added but there’s also talk of having longer matches than usual.

Melina was banned from RAW this past Monday

Melina was on the road with John Morrison this weekend, and many and had questioned her as to why. She gave the following explanation…

“No. I’m still fired. I had this trip planned prior. I stand by my man. I was told I couldn’t go IN the arena 2 watch. Funny.”

After she posted that, many followers offered her tickets to the show.

Melina is not taking wrestling bookings, but she is taking bookings for signing appearances. Her first post WWE appearance will be in New York City for the Family Wrestling Entertainment independent promotion on August 20th.

What went on after RAW

After Raw:
* They did the advertised Champion vs. Champion match with John Cena and CM Punk. They did the deal where The Miz and R-Truth ran in and the champs laid them out.

Other Notes:
* The contract signing was great live. The people were into it. They were into most of the show and were much louder than they came across on TV.

Rey Mysterio injury update, SummerSlam card

– WWE confirmed on RAW tonight that Rey Mysterio will get his WWE Title shot against either CM Punk or John Cena on next Monday’s post-SummerSlam show from his hometown of San Diego, California. This was the big Rey Mysterio-SummerSlam angle we talked about several weeks ago.

No word yet if the match will still take place after Rey was attacked by The Miz before their match this week in an injury angle. Rey reportedly tweaked his knee at a WWE live event this past weekend.

– Here is the updated WWE SummerSlam card:

* For the Undisputed WWE Title: CM Punk © vs. John Cena © w/Triple H as Special Referee
* No Holds Barred World Title Match: Christian © vs. Randy Orton
* WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © vs. Beth Phoenix
* Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Major News: Bill goldberg returning?

Bill Goldberg, who has not wrestled since 2004, stated during a recent autograph signing appearance that he will “probably” return to the ring before the end of 2011.

The former World Heavyweight Champion said that if he returns to the squared circle, his ideal opponent would be Steve Austin.

Beth Phoenix takes shot at Melina

Beth Phoenix was apparently scripted to take a shot at recently released WWE Diva Melina during her promo this week on RAW in which she said she was sick of the Divas division being made a mockery of. “No more booty popping, no more splits, no more stink faces,” Beth said following her victory over Eve.

Melina wrote on Twitter, “PS- Any Diva can try 2 do a split from here on out but what the WWE confirmed is that the SPLITS will always remind the world of me. Thank u.”

She continued, “I love the statement peeps! I bet the powers that be were waiting all night 2 hear that line go on air. Hee hee. I find it very flattering!”

Gail Kim to remain under contract to WWE

Gail Kim, who announced last Friday on Twitter that she quit WWE four days earlier, revealed tonight on the microblogging website that they are keeping her under contract until it expires to prevent her from competing elsewhere.

She wrote, “This is the current situation 4 every1 who’s asking: I quit last mon. And apparently after a total of 5 yrs of working for a co. where I was not utilized or appreciated,I’m now 4 some reason,valuable enough 2 keep me under the remainder of my contract so I can’t work elsewhere. Controlling? Thoughts?”

Kim was then asked how much longer she will be affiliated with WWE, to which she replied, “Not much longer.”

Edge reveals when he would have retired

Former WWE Superstar Edge appeared on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

If he didn’t receive the news, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired: “I pretty much assumed that WrestleMania in Miami (WM 28) would be my last because my contract runs out around then. I just thought I would get to there and have my final match there and then retire. The best laid plans never work out the way they should. And they didn’t and that’s okay. I knew it was coming to an end but I didn’t know exactly when that end would be. All this did was speed up the process by exactly 1 year. I already knew I was ready to retire. My body was telling me it was time. All the pain I was in and mentally, the grind, was just getting me down.”

The unique way Tony Chimel announces him to the ring: “I loved the way Chimel announced me to the ring. He would announce me and Cena to the ring for like 250 nights and he would go out of his way for Cena and then simply announce ‘and here’s the Rated R Superstar Edge.’ So I was like come on Chimel, at least make an effort for me as well. So he started to elongate the ‘Super’ in ‘Rated R Superstar’ and it just became a huge joke in the back and everybody would say it along as he would in the ring. I don’t even think Kevin Dunn noticed, it just kinda flew under the radar.”

When does Edge want to enter the WWE Hall of Fame?: “I would love to be inducted into the WWE HOF but I never put any thought into when. I never said ‘I wanna be inducted in the next year’. I wouldn’t be offended if it was in a few years from now. If it was the same year that WrestleMania returns to Toronto, that would be awesome but I never really put any thought into when exactly I wanted to get inducted.”

The interview can be accessed at


New WWE Creative Team member, Chris Jericho's WWE return?

– Starting at the end of the month, a new writer will join the WWE creative team. This new writer will work hand in hand with Triple H in creating and grooming talent. At this time, the identity of the writer is not known.

– Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Canada’s and was asked about a WWE return. Here is what he said: “I have no plans for it right now. Like I said, I didn’t leave wrestling for any bad reasons, it’s just that I had a lot of other stuff that was going on in my life that I’ve been wanting to work on, and Fozzy is one of the main reasons for that. I know sometimes that pisses wrestling fans off, but I don’t care. I do what I do to make myself happy. I’ve done wrestling for 20 years and I’ve been in Fozzy for 12. Fozzy is in the same place now after 12 years, that I was as a performer after 12. Just really on the verge of becoming something bigger. So I’d be crazy to not to devote as much time to the band as I can and take it as far as we can go. Wrestling is always there, it’s not going anywhere. Will I come back? I don’t know. But I have no plans of it right now.”

Update On Gail Kim Quitting WWE

Many people have noticed that WWE has not removed Gail Kim from their roster page, and have not officially announced her release. According to a source, this is because Kim quit the company, and at this time, they are not sure how they will handle the situation.

There was some hope within the company that she would change her mind and return, but that is likely not the case.

Kim has been vocal about how unhappy she has been with company for months. No one within the company was really surprised when she quit.

John Cena responds to WrestleMania 28 rumors

John Cena responded to rumors of his scheduled match with The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII being in jeopardy.

A fan asked, “Any truth to the rumours that a top WWE exec wants your match with The Rock removed from the WM 28 card?”

He responded, “none at all. That match needs to happen. If they kick us out we will parking lot.”

We reported last week that a high-ranking executive with great influence over Vince McMahon is lobbying for the match in Rock’s hometown of Miami, Florida to be canceled. The executive is concerned that WWE’s premiere star, Cena, will be heavily booed during the biggest show of the year.

Injury updates on Rey Mysterio & Dolph Ziggler

We noted yesterday that both Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler are currently battling injuries.

Ziggler suffered a abdominal muscle at Friday’s RAW live event in Salt Lake City, Utah. The same night, Mysterio suffering a knee injury, leading to the early stoppage of a bout with Alberto Del Rio. He limped to the back afterward.

Mysterio participated in an injury angle at last night’s RAW live event in Fresno, California as he was attacked by Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth prior to his match with the second generation Mexican wrestler. Del Rio put the cross arm-breaker on Mysterio, and was subsequently assisted to the back by personnel. Meanwhile, Ziggler worked lightly during his match against Alex Riley as there was much stalling.

Both wrestlers are expected to work around their respective injuries and rest up as much as they can this week in Los Angeles leading into next Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

Major WWE internal changes, WWE tryouts update

– With WWE in the West Coast for SummerSlam this week, company officials are holding a three day series of tryouts for potential wrestlers in California. In an update on this, WWE will reportedly be looking at wrestlers they’ve used as extras in the past, as well as others that have been invited.

– WWE has been making a number of changes internally with Triple H’s new talent recruiting division. Ty Bailey and Mark Carrano are now working directly with HHH and there is now a writer assigned specifically to work with HHH on development of new television characters and their introductions.


WWE tryouts scheduled, Laurinaitis-WWE, Cena, Orton

– WWE is holding tryouts in California for new wrestlers by invitation only. Tryouts will be held over three days. Among those invited include the wrestlers WWE has used in segments in the past as extras.

– John Laurinaitis has a video interview on about his career and his job heading up talent relations.

– Randy Orton tweeted a link, which allows fans to watch his matches in real-time and critique them as they go on. There is a slider that is moved up and down during the course of the show to voice their opinion. You can check it out at

– John Cena has posted a video of himself doing a “snatch”, which is a type of lift. Watch it below:

The released superstars and their plans

- D.H. Smith's post-WWE plans:

WWE announced Friday that they had come to terms on the release of David Hart Smith, who Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis once deemed a future WrestleMania main eventer. The third generation talent revealed that he is returning to Japan, where he competed prior to joining the sports entertainment promotion in 2006.

“Yup, Japan here I come! No more WWE, had a great time tho.” Smith wrote on his Facebook page.

His mother, Diana Smith, stated in April that David had plans to cross over to mixed martial arts.

- Gail Kim insisted on quiting WWE:

Gail Kim insisted Friday on her Twitter account that she quit WWE on Monday and was not released.
“I didn’t ask for a release. I QUIT,” she wrote to TNA Wrestling performer Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara). “Lol meaning I don’t want their money I’d rather be freeeeeeee haha.”

She commented further, “I don’t know but I’ve been telling them since Monday I quit. So either they have control issues or they’re in denial.”

WWE, however, has yet to announce that she has been released from the organization. Regarding their lack of announcement, she wrote, “Future endeavor message? Ok here it is: I wish the WWE the best in their future endeavors!”

Varon is lobbying on Twitter for Kim to return to TNA Wrestling, where the Canadian grappler presided as the first Women’s Knockout Champion.

“Super excited to hear about Gail asking for her release. TNA TNA TNA!!!!!” she exclaimed. “Oops I mean Impact Wrestling! Impact Wrestling! Impact Wrestling!!!!”

Christy Hemme, who appears as a ring announcer for TNA, is also lobbying for Kim to return.
“What!??!? Come back to TNA then!!!” she wrote after learning of Kim’s departure from WWE. “Love seeing all the excitement for Gail Kim. My fav bad ass female wrestler makes life on her own terms!! Of course she does!!”

Kim says she is glad to leave WWE, calling it “the best thing ever.”

“Everyone sounds upset or sad or me it’s the best thing ever. Now my life can begin. All the negativity is gone and control over my life. No one can hold me down but me now!”

– Chris Masters’ first post-WWE booking will be for the World Stars of Wrestling’s tour of Portugal, which begins August 19th.

Audio: Melina addresses WWE firing

Here’s an audio message from Melina, posted on her official website:
New Beginnings by RealMelinaCom

New WWE Diva debuts on SD!, Triple H on Jimmy Fallon

– WWE developmental talent Aksana debuted on tonight’s episode of SmackDown! in a backstage segment with Theodore Long.

Now with dark hair and wearing a catsuit, the NXT Season 3 contestant tried to seduce the SmackDown! General Manager into giving her his phone number. Long gave Aksana his card and wrote his personal number on the back. She said, “I can’t wait to do business with you.”

- Triple H was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, coming into the studio from the crowd. As The Roots played “Bow Down to the King,” Triple H came up from under the seats. When he sat down, he told Jimmy, “It never gets old coming out of a smoky hole.”

- The interview started by Triple H talking about how much fun it was to fire Vince McMahon on television, now that he is the new COO in the storylines. They talk about how he got to know Stephanie and how the two became a couple, saying that they were ahead of the game because they had a dry run on TV in getting married and then getting divorced.

- A clip was shown of Triple H firing Vince from RAW. Triple H said it brought “a tear to the glass eye.”

- Talk then switched to the upcoming special on NBC, and how it feels to have The Rock back with WWE.

How Sin Cara is able to return early – details

WWE announced on Friday’s episode of SmackDown that Sin Cara returns to action on next week’s show, which would indicate that he is returning prior to serving the full length of his 30-day suspension for a violation of the organization’s Talent Wellness Program. To get around their self-imposed ruling, there is talk that developmental wrestler Hunico will portray Sin Cara at live events until the SmackDown Superstar’s suspension is levied on August 17—the day following a SmackDown taping in Bakersfield, California.

Sin Cara was written off television at Money in the Bank, as he was booked to sustain a storyline injury during SmackDown’s Money in the Bank Match. WWE claimed he suffered a posterior fractured rib and would be sidelined for at least four weeks.

A clip of Sheamus powerbombing the masked wrestler from the ring apron through a steel ladder aired last night to explain his absence.


Breaking News: Gail Kim quits WWE & more firings!

- Gail Kim posted the following on Twitter…

Hey I just wanted every1 to know that I officially quit WWE on monday. So thank u wwe fans! This won’t be the last u see of me. Love u guys :)

- has announced that the company has released Melina and Vladimir Kozlov. Here is what they had to say about the releases…

WWE has come to terms on the release of Vladimir Kozlov as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes Vladimir the best in all of his future endeavors.

WWE has come to terms on the release of Melina Perez​ as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes Melina the best in all her future endeavors.

WWE has come to terms on the release of Chris Masters as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes Chris the best in all of his future endeavors.

WWE has come to terms on the release of David Hart Smith as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes David the best in all of his future endeavors.

- Note from Joe T.: I'm honestly surprised to see more than one superstar was released today. Our sources are reporting that atleast 10 cuts will be made today!

Michael Cole as a heel manager?

– There was some talk in creative meetings at this week’s TV tapings that Michael Cole may become a heel manager due to fans absolutely hating him these days. It should be noted that should Cole manage heels who are need of a roster boost, he’d still likely commentate as well.

Cena-The Rock-WWE news

– It should be noted that one very high-ranking WWE official doesn’t want to see The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28. While this person doesn’t want the match to happen, most feel that it still will take place for obvious reasons.

– We noted earlier that The Miz would be in Los Angeles this weekend for the Teen Choice Awards. John Cena will be there as well to present an award. The Rock is up for an award so he will be there also.

Swagger to be daddy, Foley at Mania 28?, Sin Cara returning?

– WWE developmental Diva Catalina White is pregnant. She is the wife of SmackDown! star Jack Swagger.

– There have been talks within the WWE office about possibly bringing Mick Foley back for a major match at WrestleMania 28 next year. When Foley was granted his release from TNA, part of the agreement was that he could not appear on WWE TV until his contract would have expired, which is in September.

– Mick Foley noted on Twitter that he was considering an offer to appear on ABC’s Wife Swap reality series. He asked fans what they thought, and more than half of the feedback seemed against it. Foley noted that he had a decision to make.

– The decision was made yesterday (Wednesday) to bring Sin Cara back to the WWE roster after all. Of course, he is currently serving a 30-day drug suspension for what is believed to be steroids.

– On Tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown!, they will feature a video hyping that Sin Cara will return next week.


Gail Kim-RAW controversy – trying to get fired?

Amidst the chaos of the opening moments of the No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal on Monday’s RAW, Gail Kim eliminated herself from the contest by hastily sliding under the bottom rope after striking Alicia Fox.

The WWE Diva was asked through Twitter to comment on her peculiar action; she admitted to leaving the match on purpose. Her reason behind the move was that she “was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention.” She added that no one backstage noticed, calling it “sad,” yet also “very amusing.”

She added further comment this morning to defend her actions, writing: “oh and also on the contrary, I wasn’t being a mark 4 myself I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min.I just did it the fastest way possible:)so really I saved some time!”

The former TNA Women’s Knockout Champion also concurred with a follower stating that it’s shame that WWE doesn’t respect “true women wrestlers with talent.” She responded, “Yes it is a shame I agree. I know it’s a man’s world but the women are just as important!”

Kim denied speculation this afternoon that she’s trying to get fired by WWE.

She wrote, “Nooooo I’m not doing my best to get fired. Wrestling websites who like to make up news with their wild imagination…haha don’t believe it.”


Why Maryse missed RAW, what happened after RAW

- Maryse did not participate in last night’s No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal on Raw despite being previously advertised. The former Divas Champion revealed on Twitter that she was unable to participate in the match because she is undergoing abdominal hernia surgery. She will be sidelined indefinitely.

Maryse wrote, “allo guys i wont be going physical for awhile, im getting abdominal hernia surgery.”

- A source sent this one in: After RAW went off the air, CM Punk and John Cena fought to a double DQ when The Miz and R-Truth hit the ring around ten minutes in. Punk and Cena united to run them off, then faced off.

Y2J rips CM Punk, RAW stars trend on Twitter, More

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter this week after CM Punk mentioned him on RAW: “Everyone is so excited that @CMPunk mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash…I don’t give a shit. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk.”

– Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, Santino Marella and David Otunga were all trending on Twitter Monday night during RAW.

– The t-shirt that Jerry Lawler was wearing on Monday night’s RAW is apparently his new WWE t-shirt, the Hall of Famer’s first in 19 years.

– The Miz will be in attendance for the Teen Choice Awards from Los Angeles on August 7th. The Rock is up for Best Male Actor in an Action movie for Fast 5.


Justin Gabriel’s babyface turn, Ryder’s new title

– As seen earlier this week, Zack Ryder debuted a new Internet Championship belt on his YouTube show. The belt was custom made by Wildcat Belts out of Pennsylvania. They have also done the WWE United States Title and the belt that was used on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, as well as several independent wrestling belts.

– WWE continued Justin Gabriel’s babyface turn on SmackDown! this past Friday with video packages of Gabriel with fans during WWE’s recent tour of South Africa, where he is from. For those wondering, Gabriel is still dating WWE Diva Kelly Kelly in real-life.

RAW preview, Adamle's DUI, Stone Cold-Tough Enough

- DUI charges against former WWE announcer Mike Adamle were dropped on Friday. Back in January of 2011, Adamle was arrested on DUI charges when it was said he exhibited strange behavior after being taken into custody. But his breathalyzer test showed he was well under the legal limit, and the charges have been dropped. Adamle was recently promoted, and is now the full-time sportscaster for Chicago NBC affiliate WMAQ.

- RAW takes place tonight in Indianapolis, Indiana tonight at the Conseco Fieldhouse. CM Punk will speak out for the fist time since his return, Triple H will take care of the WWE Title situation and there will be a Divas Battle Royal to determine Kelly Kelly’s challenger at Summerslam.

- According to a source, Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on Houston's 94.5 The Buzz Radio. He spoke about promoting his latest DVD release. Austin was asked if he likes making action movies or Disney movies like The Rock and he replied that he likes "action movies because you get to shoot people". His favorite promo in WWE was when Vince was at the hospital and hit him with a bedpan. He was also asked what his next film will be and he answered that he will be heading back to LA to film the second season of Tough Enough.

CM Punk Officially 'reinstated'

CM Punk has been officially reinstated on the WWE roster as his profile has been added back to’s RAW Superstars page.

WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H addressed the WWE Championship situation on last week’s episode of SmackDown! and acknowledged that Punk was re-signed late Monday night. He vowed to make a decision on how to handle this troubling dilemma on tonight’s episode of RAW.

WWE increases security to protect Maryse is reporting that WWE is increasing the security at live events to protect Maryse from a stalker after she was sent several e-mails from the fan.

The plan is to keep the security in place until the company feels the stalker is no longer a legitimate threat. They’ve also taken other measures, but won’t give details of the security plan to make sure it works.

The e-mails sent to Maryse from 61-year-old Lee Silber had him saying he would “take [her] to heaven with him.”

Sin Cara update

WWE is advertising Sin Cara for the August 20 live event in Tacoma, Washington. He received a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy on July 18, and that is the first SmackDown! show he would be eligible to appear on. Sin Cara is not eligible to appear at SummerSlam on August 14. or the SmackDown! taping that follows on August 16. There was a lot of speculation that he could be released by the company, but at this point it looks like he’ll be back on the road starting with Tacoma, as he is advertised for numerous events beyond that date.

Piper Praises Punk, Foley’s WWE Return?, Ryder-WWE

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper recently did an interview with The Post & Courier where he commented on CM Punk: “He says what he felt. Imagine if we had people writing them (promos) back in the day. C.M. Punk has possibly struck a chord that maybe things have gotten mundane. I’m really proud of Punk. It’s great what he did, and good for them for letting him go with it.”

– Mick Foley tweeted the following on Saturday: “Thanks to everyone who has shared ideas or hopes for my return to @WWE. I’m sure I’ll do something with them, somewhere, at some time.”

– Zack Ryder has been teaming with Alex Riley at the weekend RAW live events. They lost to The Miz and R-Truth at Saturday’s show in Rockford, Illinois. Truth and Miz cut a promo before the match talking about their plans to take down the Triple H-led conspiracy.

– CM Punk and John Cena wrestled again at the Rockford show, going to a No Contest after Truth and The Miz interfered. Cena and Punk hit their finishers on the two before ending the show with a staredown, each with their own WWE Title belt.

Backstage Update: CM Punk & Vince McMahon

WWE reportedly offered CM Punk a five-year deal at one point. No word yet if what he ended up signing was for that long.

Regarding Punk and Vince McMahon, it’s said that Punk now has Vince’s ear when it comes to ideas. It was described as similar to Shawn Michaels year ago when he began moving up in the company and Vince would bounce ideas off Shawn, or Shawn would suggest ideas to Vince.

Triple H movie poster released

The poster for Triple H’s Inside Out is online. The poster features Triple H holding a gun. If you’re interested, you can click here to view it.

Ultimate Warrior reveals John Cena & CM Punk thoughts

Ultimate Warrior revealed his thoughts regarding WWE Superstars John Cena and CM Punk on his Facebook page.

Warrior said of Cena: “I don’t know John. Or any of the other guys. It’s been a long time since I was in the business and none of them were there when I was, except for a few, like Undertaker. I don’t watch TV or PPV’s and I don’t visit wrestling newssites. However, I was told by the top decision maker in the business, “nobody wants to go for the brass ring anymore, except this John Cena kid…I think, anyway.” I’ve heard from other reliable sources that John is a hard worker.

“I know from my OWN experience that self-discipline, stamina and hard work goes a long way with a decision maker who can go longer and harder than 99% of talent he’s seen come and go throughout the years.”

Warrior remarked the following regarding Punk, who he has exchanged multiple messages with on Twitter: “From what I have heard, he’s got a good ear to his gut instincts and follows the music of his OWN muse. A man’s entire destiny depends on how much he will trust these two virtues. Doesn’t matter if wants to rule a wrestling ring or the world. If he will fight and bleed for them and guard them from falling prey to ANY other human being’s advice, he could write himself a damn good-sized ticket, especially with today’s culture being what it is.

“About Punk and the others, I say it is their time and let them have it.

“If a Superstar from yesteryear can’t contribute in a way that allows the new crop of talented guys to shine and have their day in the spotlight, contribute in a way to let them Feel their Power, then they should pack their gear bag and go fucking home. Pack your gear bag and go the fuck home.”

Warrior’s full statements on Cena and Punk are available on his Facebook page at

Video: Trailer For Randy Orton DVD Revealed

Here is the trailer for Randy Orton’s The Evolution of a Predator DVD which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray September 6th:

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