WWE roster cuts soon + WWE Creative plans leaked

– Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas appeared on the Right After Wrestling show recently and talked about the 40-man WWE Royal Rumble this year. Korderas speculated that WWE usually does a battle royal at WrestleMania to give wrestlers a better payday (pay-per-view bonuses). He says that payday may be coming early for some before they are eventually let go. The company almost always does a ‘spring cleaning’ following WrestleMania where numerous WWE talents are released from the company. The recent stock earnings estimates are also not a good sign.
– Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty are expected to receive another shot at the WWE tag-team titles in the near future. It could happen at the Royal Rumble or on RAW next week.

– WWE’s current creative plans call for The Corre-New Nexus feud to continue on well past WrestleMania.


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