RAW dark match & WWE NXT *Spoilers!*

Dark Match:
*Mark Henry pinned Ted DiBiase.

NXT Results:
NXT opens with a series of armwrestling tournament.

*Darren Young defeated Bryon Saxton.

*Connor O’Brien defeated Lucky Cannon.

*Titus O’Neil defeated Jacob Novak.

*Connor O’Brien defeated Darren Young.

*Titus O’Neil defeated Connor O’Brien.

Titus wins the tournament. The crowd had HUGE “Boring” chants all through this process.

*Titus O’Neil & Bryon Saxton & Connor O’Brien defeated Darren Young & Lucky Cannon & Jacob Novak. Chicago didn’t care at all.

No Maryse on NXT tonight as she’s at Dancing With The Stars.


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