2 WWE Hall of Fame reports inside here

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A source sent this one in: Hey, just got back from the hall of fame. When I walked up to the arena the line was extremely long. Luckily one of the security guards said that inside the CNN center there was an entrance into the arena. He was right and no one was in line so I got in real quick. Once inside I got to my seat, the crowd was hot and ready.

First inductee was Hacksaw Jim Duggan who was inducted by The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. His speech was short and talked about his early days and how many gimmicks he went through before he was finally hacksaw Jim Duggan.

2.) Sunny she was inducted by all the current Divas. She talked about how she got into pro wrestling. She mentioned Chris Candido and the crowd loved the name drop.

3.) Abdullah The Butcher was next and was inducted by Terry Funk. His speech was real short. He thanked his family and wished his mother, father and brother were there to see him get inducted.

4.) The Road Warriors were next. They were inducted by Dusty Rhodes. There speech was really long about 30-40 mins and the crowd kinda died down after 10 mins of them talking. They talked about their early days. Paul Ellering talked about Hawk a little and even brought out a small Hawk action figure.

5.) Next was Drew Carey. He got booed badly and he said he didn’t care cuz he’s skinny, and rich, which got a laugh out the crowd. Now I thought Bob barker was inducting him but Kane actually did the honors. Drew talked about being in the Royal Rumble. He gave a shout out to The Miz and also said that the WWE guys are the best sports athletes on the planet.

6.) Last but not least was HBK inducted by Triple H. HHH made fun of Shawn about his hair, eyes, and about posing for playgirl which was funny. Shawn didn’t say much just thanked the fans and how much he loved this business. After he finished, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, HHH all came out to congratulate Shawn and they did the kliq sign and hugged.

Overall great show I’m right across the street from all the venues so I got back to my hotel rather quickly.

Another source sent this one in: HOF was amazing. Arena was 95% full and was some what odd that the middle part of the arena was half full. Crowd was LOUD. Especially for Road Warriors, Hawk memories and of course HHH and HBK. Overall very fun show and the HBK induction visibly moved everyone. Something very special I got to see and no one better than HBK! Also HBK was visibly nervous and having trouble talking in the beginning. There was some very rude people who would absolutely not let him talk and started annoying a ton of the audience even prompting the audience to ask them to shut up. Security was also tracking these people down to throw them out. The dress code was not enforced at all. Most people did look very nice but a ton of people look like they came off the street. Over all very fun and very cool to see the superstars be just themselves and tell very good stories. Also the Kliq was a very special surprise and the crowd dug it. Can not wait for Mania tomorrow and neither can Atlanta. It’s absolutely buzzing.


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