Batista Speaks Out – Why He Left WWE + A Return?

Former WWE star Batista recently spoke out to promote his latest project, the Gracie Fighter Gym. It is a Tampa, Florida based jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts school he is operating in association with Cesar Gracie. Highlights are as follows:
* Batista stated during the interview that his martial arts base was Kali, and after taking up Muay Thai and jiu jitsu several years ago, it become his passion. He originally intended to make the gym private, a place near his home where he could train, but then decided to open it to the public. He’s now training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi so that he can attain rank. His goal is to someday become a Cesar Gracie black belt.

* Batista said he left WWE last year because he no longer fit with their product. He dislikes WWE’s kid-friendly direction, saying there is nothing kid-friendly about Dave Batista. Batista said WWE’s direction leaves a bad taste in his mouth as it’s too unbelievable and hokey. He feels he became disconnected from the industry and became unhappy with it. Though he still believes in WWE as a company, he doesn’t think there is a place for him anymore.

* Regarding comparisons to Mason Ryan, Batista doesn’t feel the Raw Superstar is imitating him and if he was, he would be flattered. Batista thinks Ryan is a great guy after meeting him in London, England and is curious to see where his career goes.

* Regarding his future in the wrestling industry, he said that he’d like to finish his career on his terms and return to WWE for a brief run and retirement match. He is also interested in working with the organization in a non-wrestling capacity.


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