*Spoliers!* SmackDown results for Friday 6/17

Below are the taping results for this week’s WWE SmackDown!:

Smackdown opens with World champion Randy Orton coming out and announcing his concussion but says that he doesn’t care and still wants a piece of Christian. Teddy Long comes out and says he doesn’t care and wants Christian. Long says he can’t allow Orton to compete. Christian comes out and says he’s going to win the World title this Sunday. This brings out Sheamus who says he beat Orton last week and he’s the one who deserves a title shot. Christian calls him Strawberry Shortcake and tells him that it’s not his time. Long announces Christian vs. Sheamus for the main event tonight. If Sheamus wins, he gets into the title match on Sunday and it’s a Triple Threat. If Christian wins, the match remains as it currently stands. Orton will be at ringside but not allowed to get involved.

*In a rematch from Raw, Sin Cara & Daniel Bruan & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes & WWE Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett when Bryan pinned DiBiase in what was obviously a terribly screwed up finish as the referee counted three as DiBiase kicked out.
Note – they did show the replay of the finish, so perhaps it was a storyline thing – just came off really weird.

*Sheamus cuts a backstage promo promising to beat Christian tonight and Orton Sunday to become the new World champion.

*Jinder Mahal defeated Vladimir Kozlov.

*Josh Matthews interviewed Big Show inside the ring, asking why him why he was here on Smackdown. Show said that he heard Alberto Del Rio was going to be here. Long comes out and says that if Alberto is here, Show cannot lay a hand on him. He said that Del Rio is contemplating pressing charges on Show for what he did to Ricardo on Raw. Long said he and Show will both lose their jobs if that happens (the crowd cheered, really), but Show has an opponent tonight – Mark Henry.

The match never really happens as Show goes nuts and destroys Henry, laying him out. Officials and medics come out and Henry is stretchered out.

*Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina defeated AJ, Natalya & Kaitlyn when Tamina pinned AJ with a Samoan Drop.

*Johnny Curtis cuts a promo backstage saying his debut is near and (standing near a miniature gold setup) he’s going to be the Ace in the hole, pulling an Ace Card out of the hole.

*Christian cuts a promo backstage saying the match against Sheamus is a bad call and he shouldn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

*The Usos defeated Justin Gabriel & Health Slater.

*Alberto Del Rio arrived and cut a promo saying that Ricardo was destroyed by Big Show and can’t provide for his own daughter anymore. He promised to dedicate his win this Sunday to Ricardo. They made it out like he was gone for good. Show came out and Del Rio chased into the crowd by The Big Show. Show was all mad and destroyed the ringside table.

*Christian defeated Sheamus. Randy Orton chased him to the back, then returned to punt Sheamus to close the taping.


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