Why Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Use Twitter Revealed

WWE SmackDown! Superstar Cody Rhodes explained in an interview with WWE Magazine why he does not use the social networking site Twitter.

“I don’t want to give followers or adversaries insight into who I am. I’m thinking of having my next T-shirt read, “Cody Rhodes” on the front and, “Not On The Internet” on the back. I think Twitter is ridiculous,” Rhodes said.

“If you have time to Tweet about what you’re eating, I don’t think you’re working hard enough. I may be a workaholic—and I know I’ve been accused of that before—but I can’t see myself Tweeting to members of the WWE Universe about how I wanted my eggs over easy and they came scrambled instead. I’ll go on the record: The day Tom Hanks gets a Twitter account is the day I’ll get a Twitter account.”

The magazine editor then notes that Tom Hanks does in fact have a Twitter account. Ooops!

Cody Rhodes kissing Angelina Love!


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