How Sin Cara is able to return early – details

WWE announced on Friday’s episode of SmackDown that Sin Cara returns to action on next week’s show, which would indicate that he is returning prior to serving the full length of his 30-day suspension for a violation of the organization’s Talent Wellness Program. To get around their self-imposed ruling, there is talk that developmental wrestler Hunico will portray Sin Cara at live events until the SmackDown Superstar’s suspension is levied on August 17—the day following a SmackDown taping in Bakersfield, California.

Sin Cara was written off television at Money in the Bank, as he was booked to sustain a storyline injury during SmackDown’s Money in the Bank Match. WWE claimed he suffered a posterior fractured rib and would be sidelined for at least four weeks.

A clip of Sheamus powerbombing the masked wrestler from the ring apron through a steel ladder aired last night to explain his absence.


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