Post-RAW reports

Sources sent the following in:

You saw what aired, here is what you didn’t see and some other notes.

-In a dark match Michael McGillicutty defeated JTG with a swinging neckbreaker.

-For Superstars, Alex Riley​ beat Drew McIntyre and Epico and Primo beat The Usos.

-The guy who played John Cena​’s coach was an indy wrestler who works as Johnny Vegas.

-John Cena Sr. actually got a decent reaction until he heeled the fans.

-By the end, there were a lot of people around me griping about the show. I joined in with them. It was the longest three hours of my life and I was so excited for the show when I got my tickets and found out Rock would be there. Now, I am not sure I would go to another WWE show.

-After Raw went off the air, CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton​ and Zack Ryder beat Mark Henry​, The Miz and R-Truth. It was originally a six-man match but Punk brought out Ryder, who scored the pin for the babyfaces.

Here is another set of notes from a source

After Raw went off the Air, they had the scheduled 6 man tag, Cena Orton Punk vs Henry Miz Truth. Punk missed his hop up to the ropes and got hung up in them, pretty funny. During the bout, the crowd started the “We want Ryder” chant. After a few minutes Punk ran to the back. About 5 minutes later Punk brought out Ryder who was already in his street clothes.

Ryder ended up pinning the Miz for the win after a Rough Ryder And did a promo about how he started the True Long Island Story 39 weeks ago to “get fired or get noticed”. He said that because of the fans he got noticed and thanked the Boston crowd and called us the Broski’s of the week.

It was a pretty awesome ending to what at least appeared to be an impromptu inclusion of Ryder who wasn’t appearing on the show in a match.


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