*Spoilers!* SD! results for Friday 11/18

The show begins with Mark Henry attacking Daniel Bryan in the back. Henry continues the beatdown all the way to the ring where Bryan lays in pain while Henry cuts a promo on beating Big Show at Survivor Series.

Vickie Announces that Dolph Ziggler will defend the United States title against Zack Ryder at Survivor Series as well as compete in the 5 on 5 match. Dolph Ziggler beats Sin Cara in a good match. Ziggler wins with help from Swagger.

Mason Ryan beats Jack Swagger in a quick match. Vickie was at ringside for both Ziggler & Swagger's matches.

Backstage Ted DiBiase and Hornswoggle are playing the WWE '12 video game until Teddy Long interupts. Then Askana enters the room, Hornswoggle and Long leave. The romantic music starts to play while she attempts to get very romantic with DiBiase.

Christian comes out wearing a neck brace, leg brace and crutches. He says he blames Teddy Long for allowing him to get hurt. He says he wants one more match regardless of what match it is. He tells WWE universe good riddance and leaves.

Backstage Big Show is next to Daniel Bryan who is lying on the doctors table. Big Show says he will find Mark Henry and get revenge.

Ted DiBiase beat Derrick Bateman in a quick match.

Big Show cut a promo about how Henry forced Bryan to be carried out of here and on Sunday he is going to force Henry to be carried out of Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston beats Hunico .

Beth Phoenix and Natalya beat AJ and Kaitlyn.

A promo for Ezekial Jackson aired.

Randy Orton and Sheamus beat Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett via DQ after Christian interupts the match. Orton and Sheamus hit their finishers and take out Rhodes, Barrett and Christian. They pose for the crowd as Smackdown goes off the air.

Dark Match Main Event

Big Show beats Mark Henry via a DQ with Booker T as the special referee. Big Show and Booker do a spinarooni and send the crowd home.


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