After RAW news and notes

Source: Craig Smith and Pwinsider.com

The crowd in Phoenix was HOT tonight and popped real well for faces, gave great heat to heels.

Every time Miz was on the mic, he got strong heat.

After RAW went off air, Miz and Alex Riley came out and started ripping on Randy Orton and Phoenix. The crowd came alive and booed for like 2 straight minutes, even when Miz started talking. Michael Cole got in the ring as well, which drew a lot of heat. Orton slithered in, RKO’d Miz and Riley, then teased a Cole RKO but Cole got away. Orton posed to send the crowd home. No dark match after.

No Cena at all. Punk got a huge reaction too. But Orton got the biggest pops of the night when he came out and when he hit the RKO to win the match. Everyone on their feet. Just a great show. Good follow up to WM26 last spring.


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