Fan suing the WWE: Triple H/The Rock match in 2000 incident!

According to an article by The Courier Journal out of Louisville, Kentucky, a man, age 18, is suing World Wrestling Entertainment, Triple H and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for an injury he allegedly suffered in 2000. The man was age 7 at the time, and the incident allegedly happened at the 2000 Judgment Day PPV, headlined by HHH vs. The Rock in an Iron Man match.

The article states that when HHH and Rock brawled into a crowd, the crowd caused a chain reaction that ended with a woman falling atop of the then-seven year old. This allegedly caused knee and leg injuries. The plaintiff, named Basham in the article, recently had to have surgery on the knee. His attorney is claiming that there is no statue of limitations for filing the lawsuit since Basham was a minor when he was allegedly injured. The lawsuit accused WWE of failing to properly stage the match and provide adequate security for its customers. HHH and Johnson are named in the suit and accused of “reckless, willful and wanton conduct.”

The suit was filed on Monday, and WWE has so far declined to respond to media requests on the lawsuit.


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