*Spoilers!* WWE SD! results for Friday 1/14/11

- Kofi Kingston b Jack Swagger

- Rey Mysterio & R-Truth b Alberto Del Rio & Cody Rhodes

- Trent Baretta b Drew McIntyre

- Big Show b Wade Barrett via DQ for interference from Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Ezekiel Jackson teased making the save, but joined the beatdown. Everyone did their finishers on Show. This segment got over great.

- Beth Phoenix b Michelle McCool

- Cutting Edge with Dolph Ziggler. Basically Edge talked about his own history with Vickie and Ziggler is there to get back at him. Edge then showed a clip of Ziggler and Kaitlyn making out and Ziggler attacked Edge. Edge therw Ziggler out of the ring. Vickie slapped Edge in the face. Edge set up to spear Vickie, but Ziggler jumped in and hit the zig zag on Edge on the steps. Show ended with Vickie and Ziggler kissing.


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