Otunga not happy with J-Hud’s weight loss, Piper

– Roddy Piper and The Miz will be appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night, promoting WrestleMania 27 and the WWE All Stars game. The segment was taped last week.

– WWE Superstar David Otunga is none too pleased with fiancé Jennifer Hudson’s significant weight loss, who has lost a grand total of 80 pounds. The recording artist, actress and Weight Watchers spokesperson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday where she was asked “What does your fiancé think, does he like the new svelte you?” J-Hud responded, “He’s getting adjusted to it. He’s not really into change that much so he fusses at me like, “Why do you have to have to get all dressed up to go out and why can’t you just go out like you used to?” And I’m like “I’m a walking billboard now honey.”

A source sent this one in: Randy Orton had a semi-private signing at The Sears Holding Corporation in Hoffman estates, IL. I didn’t see it promoted anywhere, and you needed to work at the office or be let in as family or a guest to attend. I’m bad with numbers but there appeared to be a few hundred people here. Kmart is headquartered in the Sears building, and obviously this was part of the new relationship between Kmart and WWE. We were treated to a short speech by a Kmart marketing executive and Orton, which was mostly about this being a big relationship, plus the dinner table commercial, and of course Raw tonight and WrestleMania. There’s going to be some alternate endings to the ad aired in the future. As a nice surprise, instead of getting a cheap piece of paper for signatures, we instead got a full size poster. Very nice! He was kind of tired, but otherwise pleasant.


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