Report: not-yet-announced WrestleMania match?, RAW *Spoilers!*

- It is expected that the WWE will announce tonight on RAW that The Road Warriors will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Paul Ellering may be inducted with them, but that is not confirmed just yet.
It is expected that Dusty Rhodes will induct them into the hall at Saturday night’s ceremony.

- The source code on the front page of WWE.com reveals an Eight-Man Tag Team Match taking place at WrestleMania XXVII with The Corre going up against The Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Christian.

The page, however, has not been published as it presently reads “Access Denied.” It should be noted that this match had been planned as of last week. There were also talks to add Christian to the Del Rio/Edge match but obviously that didn’t happen.

We’ll see what happens at tonight’s TV tapings. They also could announce this during the week via WWE.com. We’ll see soon enough!


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